You can dig you fill in a vehicle accident.Those authorities wanted to hide in the “China version Shinkansen” derailment accident

You can dig you fill in a vehicle accident.What do you want to anymore, … you do not know at all.Happened in China and Zhejiang Wenzhou in July 23 rear-end collision, derailment by “China version Shinkansen” is showing up to the subsequent processing from generation status, impossible in Japan where even if I take it, a wondrous development.

First, why large such an accident happened.View this Mr. (Bun’yu-term) yellow Fumio critic familiar with the situation of China.

While referred to as “developed technology” unique to China, high-speed rail, “China has made in a jumble of railway technology in the various countries and regions around the world including Japan.Moreover, the priority that is not that that re-developed systematically in China the technology of each country, anyway hit the gas suitable for the “world’s best”, safety management I have been sidelined ”

To point out the problem of China only further, it’s the president of a construction company in China related to the construction of this high-speed rail actually.

Is skilled in the art, such as “We do not have high orders during the construction work orders from local government.Level of profit is not out when I do not do shoddy construction to be honest.High-speed rail is enormous even in the total cost of a major business multiplied by the prestige of the country, but it would have been overtaken by officials as bribe in the course of ordering the construction.After all, profit is the reason no longer out orders to the manufacturer of the terminal is reduced, it is not the shoddy construction ”

On the other hand, the Chinese journalist degree Jianjun (Chin Jienjiyun), who point out the bad “habit hand” of Chinese.

“In fact in the high-speed rail, evil habit of the hand of those Chinese take off” that “bring back all I’ve been is demonstrated from the beginning of the opening June 30 and (laughs).Theft of parts is not limited to the car that there is a passenger, transformer and copper wire from being outdoors under construction, part of the train control system had been taken away or even.Ministry of Railways had also to measures by, for example, stretch around the high-voltage line of except boar to key facilities, but the theft had occurred ”

And, enough said with poor habit of this kind, “equipment failure caused by lightning” is the cause of the accident that the Ministry of Railways announced and not unrelated.

“In China, theft will occur a lot on the day of the thunderstorm.Reason is because hard to stick to glance is simple.It is said expensive control equipment that is installed in a elevated on this time is being targeted, when it did not brought about any trouble in the operation of high-speed rail because of that ”

Phenomenon which might be support of this theory that had occurred before the accident.Mr. extent continues.

“Subsequent train that made the rear-end collision in the prior train that was sudden stop due to the influence of lightning accident, but, in fact, more of the subsequent train that rear-end collision is I like had to be run in front in the diamond of the original”

It’s not outrageous story if it’s true, but …….Then, post-processing and is anxious along with the cause of the accident.To fill in an accident the next day the first vehicle, Why did dig up again two days later.

It was fill in the “vehicle, concealment of the cause of the accident would be purpose.Concerning the construction of high-speed rail, the top of the Ministry of Railways of before has been sacked by the corruption in February this year already.That this time, it was filled the accident vehicle is a declaration of intention as the Chinese government, you do not want to expand the case any more, and that the curtain pulling the other.And, would have an ulterior motive to want to prevent the accident investigation to circumstances that have no choice but to do so, perhaps, that government officials are also involved in corruption.So, expected it to be that they do not topple over survivor even if the protest, but how much …….The dig that again it was unexpected for me “(Mr. yellow, supra)

You can dig you fill in, the movement of the Chinese authorities funny no matter how you look at it.For this great question, Mr. extent of the previous answer this.

VIP of “Chinese are reluctant to take the eight eyes or lead vehicle when riding a train.Luck is good because there is a sense that 8 of the same sound or “development” to “outgoing” “get rich” in Chinese.Lead vehicle the same popularity of the top floor of high-rise apartment is higher, is popular because it because it is closest to the front.This time, was buried It is the first vehicle.As is pointed out in the media, concealment accident would be interest.So why was digging.He said VIP is willingly ride in the first car, but the son of party executives like I was riding to the lead vehicle of the train that rear-end collision.And eat the dickens because it had filled in while not recover the body, was digging up two days later in a hurry.It is a story that is considered sufficient in China ”

Whatever the case may be, to get on “China version Shinkansen” is likely to be better, which had been stopped for a while.

(Tonsho Naoto)