I was surprised at the height of the China production ratio of COACH

Article says U.S. brand “COACH” lowers the China production ratio, and increase the production ratio in India, Vietnam, the Philippines was published.According to the


British Financial Times Chinese edition, luxury leather goods brand · COACH of rice China of its products I will significantly reduce the production ratio.Opened a factory in the country of low-wage India and Vietnam, and the Philippines, Lou Frankfort Chief Executive Officer of COACH (CEO) 85% of current production ratio in China within the next five years According to the article I made it clear that from the reduced to 40% to 50%.And that the.One of which I was surprised

is that China production ratio of “COACH” had reached as high as 85%.China production ratio is close to 90 percent each domestic brands of Japan.Is (high COACH person of course) differ several times, over-the-counter price would be something similar to the national brand products cost rate.Some people see “branding is solid, and great business manner” and this, “cost even though not that different bag made in China are sold at 9800 yen in Japan, it is avidly profiteers” will be breaking the people who are seen as.Both are correct, his would look with the latter carelessly.However

, not convincing is, it is that it be removed at a production base in India cheap labor costs, Vietnam, the Philippines, COACH that would not change the sticker price probably.Deciding at cost unconditionally the value of the brand you are heavy people know that funny, but even though it has already been cut labor costs, it is sold at the same price, something suspicious.I wonder what this technique a “slash-and-burn agriculture” manner that will move the production base looking for a low-labor-cost country Anyway

is not somehow.Japanese brand is also the same thing, and leading brands of Europe and America are the same thing.Where to next? Would transfer labor costs India, Vietnam After soaring next with this? Labor costs is gradually risen factory in Africa in some information already.The last in turn, the unemployment rate of 21%, the entire young unemployment rate or will the work at very low wages the unemployed in Spain per more than 40%? Is “like have not seen” The price of

clothing, fashion accessories.Performance difference between the price difference is not clear as industrial products such as automobiles and consumer electronics.Because it is expensive clothing that is using high-quality fabrics, the durability is bad or to reverse.Be more low-cost clothing material is above the durability often.Price is different more than several times bag brand in Japan COACH also to the same production in China.there is no product this much confusing balance of price and value.As I mentioned earlier

, products in circulation in the country, the difference in luxury goods and low-priced products is approaching rapidly.To the field of color, pattern, design, silhouette are becoming almost uniform.That’s why, it can be said that having a brand like high idiot is no longer a status is a natural flow.Those who mourn “expensive brand is not sold to consumers because degenerate” and also come, but if mature socialization, consumers who buy the expensive brand in the stretch is a natural and reduced, Europe and the United States so already has become.Expensive brand meaningless

fool like is not required to (except for the lovers of some) Japanese society that has matured.From upstream to downstream spinning, production center, apparel manufacturers, and retail store, the jeans industry as a reporter blog
of textile industry

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