Nine sinkholes giant the world’s most

Only 9 most huge sinkhole in Guratemara such as the United States and around the world.There are many holes from what appears to have occurred naturally, to those of water pipe rupture occurs in residential areas due to, but you feel the force of unique from any.

10 Of The Largest Sinkholes In The World: Pics, Videos, Links, News

1: Kattara lowland (Cairo, Egypt)

133m is also lower than the sea level of the basin “Kattara lowland” is the hinterland and the second lowest in Africa by location.Oyobi area to 18,000 square km, making it the largest sinkhole in the world.

2: Berezniki (Russia)

Giant sinkhole that could be in the city of Berezniki in 1986 seems to come every year extension.It becomes 200m depth, 80m length, 40m width even at present, but to stop the expansion impossible.By the way, 10% of potassium carbonate in the world seems to have been produced from this area.

3: Guatemala City (Guratemara)

Sinkholes that could be the capital Guatemala City, Guatemala on 23 February 2007 the case as much as 100m depth, that of a 30-story A good analogy is a building.cause of sinkholes occurs is seen as rupture of the sewer pipe and storm.

And in 2010, sinkhole has occurred in the same city once again.Width of this thing with 60m 18m, depth.

Movie taken the appearance of sinkholes is here.

Video, images of Giant Sinkhole in Guatemala City – YouTube

4: sinkholes of the Devil (USA Texas)

Was discovered by settlers in 1867, the Texas about 121m depth, that there is also a 12 ~ 18m opening “sinkhole of the Devil (Devil’s Sinkhole)”.That it and live animals 4 million of bats in the interior.

If you take a look at the movies that are swirling four million animals of the bat, the feeling that seems to be convinced will also be named “the devil” is attached.

Devil’s Sinkhole – October 17, 2009 – YouTube

5: Sarisari meow Ma (Venezuela)

In the mountains at an altitude of 1350m which is close to the border with Brazil, which was discovered in 1974, has a number in sandstone layer of the Precambrian is sinkholes generally circular Sarisari meow Ma.In the largest diameter that he’ll be 350m, even 350m depth.

Movie of Sarisari meow while the atmosphere was surreal from the following.

How Sinkholes like Guatemala happen – YouTube

6: Bimmah Sinkhole (Oman)

Water depth of 20m and a width of 40m, accumulated in the hole is of a vivid green, this beautiful sinkhole seems to become a swimming spot.

State of the site and you can understand more when I look at the movie below.

Bimmah Sinkhole, Oman – YouTube

7: Agrico Gypsum Stack (Florida, USA)

Agrico Gypsum Stack is a sinkhole that appeared in the mountains of waste mining company IMC aglyco of phosphate rock was dumped in 1994.It also includes 80 million tons of the toxic gypsum, this hole proud of the depth of the building 15-story is that the number $ 1,000,000 and (approximately several hundreds of million yen) cost that was used to purify.

8: Macungie Sinkhole (USA Pennsylvania)

The sinkhole that appeared in the suburbs of Pennsylvania in June 1986 is about 23m wide and about 11m depth.In the case occurred because the water pipe that aging is ruptured, $ 450,000 (about 35 million yen) took to repair.

9: Daisetta Sinkhole (USA Texas)

Width 274m, also 80m depth in size, I was able to Texas suburb in 2008, this sinkhole.It was a small hole diameter of about 6m generation initially, that it and spread rapidly during the day.Mining of oil have been made because of the salt dome that crude oil and natural gas have accumulated in the basement of this city, it is considered a cause of depression.

Movie that took the moment, such as landslides, click here.

Sinkhole in Daisetta Texas – YouTube

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