[Korean] BBS why Japan hate Korea?”Korea because became a threat”

NBA fan sites of Korea gather, in the “NBA Mania”, “Japan is the reason hate Korea author?And entitled “, was asked why.In contrast, various opinions were received.Below, translated the Japanese writing by the Korean.Rustic and impressions of the editorial department in ().


● main thread: Why do you hate the Korea SG Ray Allen Japan?Wonder if there is a special case and misconceptions, such as become hate Koreans?


● I say because for the act of Brutus Japan had committed in the past, Koreans hate the Japanese.It talks about the Koreans who fought in the Vietnam War, if you say it’s hate me, people of Vietnam, become sad feeling Moshimo.And my ancestors, even the Korean military in the past has been, than feel bad if it is to wash the antipathy directly course?If you look personally, and that’s not that they have.

● If the relationship is bad and there are quite a lot of countries close to each other DEVIN Harris historical.

● I think people who dislike the Korean people and country of South Korea in the Japanese GoldenCurry is less.Most Japanese do not have hate Koreans.Criticism I hear in the Korean boom, but speaking the reverse, because Japan has accepted the content of South Korea that much.Content made in Korea, probably because appealing.However, in South Korea, from the national sentiment, Japanese songs are not still broadcast.Dissatisfaction when you are content flow of foreign full of their own TV comes out it is of course.I think, in a sense, some of the media now speak, is IyaKan of Japan, it’s level, such as the anti-Justin Bieber boom in the United States. And, three of LDP lawmakers to visit (Ururundo) Ulleungdo, this is just a political show. ● PoRtLaNdEr or will not “give and take”.We also like that I hate you guys so hate.

● Many of the IyaKan Kim Giboku Japan would be a far-right.Dokdo: claim (Japanese name Takeshima) sovereignty as well Yeah, and I hate Korea airflow most of Japan is made of far-right.

● There is no negative feelings to Korea to Japanese heltant79 usually.The correct more likely there was no interest in accurate.In the textbook, so do not even tell me much about the Japanese invasion of the Korean Peninsula imperialism, do not have too much historical knowledge of Japan-Korea relations.do not have a “do not know, do not care about” The reason so you fall out of love.However, “Challenge of Korea” was good and you were about sports, but it became a threat to Japan in the industrial surface.Now, Japan is because he felt to us that such as sense of crisis that we feel in China, the.In addition, IyaKan that could be after the formation of the Korean thing “anti-mania and proportional” and In a nutshell.

● The [MIA] LCD Japan, relationship of Kansai and Kanto people who are really bad.

● RAY ALLEN IVERSON it strange.Confrontation with Ieyasu and Hideyoshi (ex. Battle of Sekigahara) or would lead to now?

● I think [MIA] LCD Japanese society was supposed to Kyoto center, and because the Tokyo became the capital Edo Shogunate made.Is not as accurate.

● simply, heltant79 it would be regional feelings.

● I teach to teach well to students that their was, to avoid things like that and twice Only practice Germany, but it is not taught in Japan.In such circumstances, very Koreans to have a good emotion in Japanese.I though some people now is that it is important.

● # The articles in the media and television 33_Hill superficial, it will be visible such feelings, but the Japanese people that I talk and those who live in Japan have been met until now, did not have a special feeling in the country of South Korea was.I seem to be quite interested in Korean boom later.

● I do not know if you like that M & M Japan the strongest hates Korea, but still, looking at the Japanese who ignore the Korean-person, it is scornfully, Japan think it’s below their Korean You should have quite the feeling.

● The Ritz recently, I had an incident that entertainer of Japan made a statement on Twitter is causing ripples of many, that was fired from the agency ultimately.(Aftermath I seem to be followed by still more)

● there may not be anyone who put out the correct answer as “This is it” the reason for the flow dance emperor likes and dislikes of water.(Is not it better than hate, if you make a relationship favorite part is often)

(Editors: Lee Nobue Koji Yamaguchi)