The topic women who did not enter the bath “troublesome” 16 years = South Korea

During the 16 years, women of Korea confessed on television that I have never had even once in the bath, it became abuzz as “Bathing woman denied” in the country’s Internet.South Korean media has picked up one after another as shocking news.

It was aired on cable television program of Korea, of tvN called “Martian Virus”.The show that people with a lifestyle that has changed with the “Martian” in the program, which started in 2009.I have a buzz every time Gekishiro the consternation life, on the Internet in the country a variety of “Martian” is appeared on the show every time.

It’s not taking a bath from the time of fifth grade elementary school, of course, have appeared in the 2nd in the “Martian virus”, women who do not even shower.Women are usually wash hair, face, hands, feet, etc., but it is with the unwashed 16 years the other portions.

“Get dressed a few times a day”, “to dry the sweat in the air” to be such as “use at any time the shower colon” to hide the stench, “Bathing denied woman” is taking emergency measures, but the bad smell disappears never, three program presenter was also astonished to the consternation lifestyles.

why this woman does not enter the bath is “troublesome because” all you can say “people who go to the public bath paying the money do not understand” or.However, “you do not brush your teeth for 10 years” In comparison with the hostess has appeared on the show in April, this woman was angry, “more is my beautiful” and.

The “Bathing denied woman”, received the attention of the dermatologist and persuasion of the program presenter, and to take a bath first time in 16 years, The impression that “neat” and “found everyone or take a bath why” said that the.

“Hard to understand”, or “lifestyles of the four-dimensional”, South Korean media took up one after another with the surprise news.(Editors: Kimukokorozashishu)