Neat growth, Shanhai-kko [90] after Shanghai people will be people of foreign parts shop is my best

Planning to recruit collaborators among the local Chinese monitor searchina Research Institute (Shanghai searchina), will be doing the interview.Shanghai born in 1991, this time, Yang’s 20-year-old.The study in the University newspaper (news journalism) in certain University in Shanghai now.Hobby and also a variety of karaoke, and day-to-day with the idea of ​​Shanghai kid these days net, drive, to camp?

楊私 is happening to 4:30 always.

– Why Is that so much to get up early?

The’m not sleep Yang, and if I thought something in various ways.But so sleep early from it, and I started early in the morning.It is important to the preparation of the rice first thing in the morning and when I got up, some for the dog then you are kept at home.In, I will go in the running.The breakfast in just feels right and comes back.Then I go to school.

– Hey I like exercise.

I’m a Yang likely.Every morning every day, I have to exercise about 30 minutes.Because there is a park close to home, I am running in the park.

– To running, the air of Shanghai ……

Well Yang.Air is not good.However, I think it is good very much than something such as residential areas along the road plant because relatively large if the park every morning.

– It is going to travel at home and abroad, what about me air of Shanghai compared with other regions?

It is a pretty bad Yang.With the exception of the suburbs of Qingpu something, but it is.Air is good most in Shanghai Fengxian or Minhang District, this area.Air because it is not good to the heart of the city.Exhaust gas is greater, and air also results in a poor, air pollution from just worsens.

– Is there a place where I think something about environmental?

Well Yang.It is probably, but I’m manufacturer.That the sales company to manufacture and note well, that you do not sink or in the river sewage not treated.Is there that it looked fine, I sort of thing.Other people I do not properly.What would such as environment 監測 station, and he seems to do something back in Iloilo.

– It’s right in Shanghai, such as the flow and sag appropriately.Why do something is also the Huangpu River.

There Yang.And, since I have thrown down from the place such as bottles with high building something before.It is really surprised.Below is another disastrous.Wretched really There are people under Should you want to hit something or.

– She said she it is, how it is a person who came from outside.Or is it …… people in Shanghai

It is also that Yang.The same is true in Shanghai people.

– Environment of Shanghai, I feel that it something security has also become more and more evil, is ……

Yang public security, but it is still good in the city center.Suburbs is not good so maybe.And I was taken back before.When I went to the suburbs once, I saw that there is a monkey communication comfort The multiplication gardens and pleasant communication The multiplication of the courier company.Interested springs out a little.To the online shopping because there are many I, I went to see the little company.In, was taken the bag where it from coming out there playing, it was around the corner.And I was stolen bike.Then I came to really be wary.

– It is also a kind of fraud that I say “hermit recoil”.

Have you ever heard 楊話, but I should not go to such a place.So as to avoid people place is large, …… such as lottery, even in such as Sony’s promotional.”But hermit recoil”, such as in a traffic accident, it does not go where many people anyway.And to I do not think also that it happened or something only to me That way.

– Do you have any worries such as that kind of in Shanghai? In terms of the future, the Shanghai.

Yang worried are you …….In such a point or would suggest that a person is pouring into Shanghai steadily from foreign parts.After that, it is people of Shanghai, but I there are people who do not want to make an effort at all.The biting just shin of parent.

– “齦老 group” (neat)?

So Yang, Tteyuu I do not want to make efforts on their own.But, people who came from foreign parts are striving amazing fact, performance is also something I was higher than we originally.When was in the dorm I, I I’m happy you guys …… I Shanghai people girl of same room I had to say.we do not have what you guys have.For example, such as electronic devices, but it comes in first place in our.When it is other, come into possession of barely around Tour of various cousin.Elsewhere is nor has developed so much, and so I to study hard awesome.I think Shanghai and I’m not really so much in the sense Tteyuu competition.

(Interview and editing: Naoto Maeda searchina Research Institute Fellow)