Rise in value of law epilator manufacturer with more scantily-clad woman in a power saving effect

“Yeah man” NISHIBORI Kay Finantekku of directors serve as editor-in-chief investment information site “Tokyo IPO” is, are you attracted attention as a “line up” now that’s (TSE II-6630).

The fourth consecutive year revenue and profit growth in the April 31, 2011, Yeaman dealing development epilator, facial equipment, cosmetics, such as air purifier, manufacturing and sales, achieving an update of record profits.April 31, 2012 year also expected double-digit sales and profit growth, is expanding keynote exactly performance.Nevertheless, one time crack, undervalued and five times it is remarkable (price-to-earnings ratio) this fiscal year forward PER previous year the PBR (PBR).

market (facial massager and epilator) has become a growth of around 15% year-on-year beauty consumer electronics company is the main battlefield.Above all, the company continued to expand sales to the high background proprietary technologies, share in the “mobile facial massager” is about 40%, have come to account for 6-7% of market share in the “epilator”.I found opportunities for women and light clothes to be under the influence of the power saving increases, the needs of the epilator is further increased this summer in particular.In the future, we will continue to enjoy as a market leader in the benefits of market expansion.

TV mail order firm, such as the hit “platinum germanium roller”.Every year selling product categories is also increasing.Although the business model performance a sense of stability is very strong, and look likely to be reviewed as domestic demand highly defensive stock to be highly.

※ 9 September 2011 issue Money Post