The complaint to deny boarding of the Japanese passenger Japan, South Korea by passenger ships operating company

The 4th, [Xinhua] Japanese government showed dissatisfaction as “inappropriate” to deny boarding movement of Japanese passenger cruise ships operating company of South Korea. Japan Chiaki Takahashi, Senior Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs said during news conferences, to be subject to regulation only Japanese is inappropriate, that it is necessary to Japan and South Korea to respond calmly from a broader perspective. Operating company of the Korea Gangneung, Ulleungdo and Dokdo:’re operating a cruise ship that connects the (Japanese name Takeshima).According to the South Korean Yonhap News, the 3rd, to protest strongly that the three members of Japan was scheduled to visit Ulleungdo claims sovereignty over Takeshima, the company refused indefinitely boarding of Japanese passenger I announced a policy to. It said, “Japan until no claims sovereignty over Dokdo, will continue to deny boarding of Japanese passengers,” said company chief explained that it is consideration of safety. Dispute of Japan and South Korea has intensified lately is Concerning sovereignty over Dokdo.In response to the June, Korean Air has demonstration flight Dokdo sky, it is instructed to refrain from use for a month, the Korean Air Lines to staff, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan has led to complaints of Korea.(Translated Wang Fall / edit the translation Onda Yuki)

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