Are taking the medicine in order to give birth to twins China Women – U.S. media

August 3, 2011, in an article entitled “Chinese women are pregnant with twins using the medicine,” you use the ovulation-inducing agent in the southern city of China, the web site of the U.S. ABC television to multiple pregnancies I reported that women are a growing number.Ring-and-ball network transmitted on four dates.Following its contents.

Chinese media had reported that women who get pregnant the baby more than one at a time and taking medication is part of the southern city of China, and is increasing.This is a countermeasure to a new “one-child policy”.According to a survey of Guangzhou Daily, providing infertility treatment in healthy women who wish to become pregnant in the private hospital of Guangdong.It is intended to stimulate ovulation feature that easily conceive 3 Tsuko and twins.

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In a kind of oral medicine, this medicine called “Oigo circle” were multiple births pregnant women of 20-30% is taking these drugs.However, some physicians indicating the concern to be, cause serious side effects Improper way of taking.The Chinese government do not take birth statistics on the frequency of multi-fetal, out of 1,600 pregnant women, 24 people had multiple births in a hospital in Guangzhou.Multiple pregnancy rate is 1.5%.

Chinese media have pointed out to be “far beyond the laws of nature” this, but for 1.1%, multiple pregnancy rate in spontaneous pregnancy is not so high, if 1.5%.In comparison, was a high birth rate of multiple births in 2008 in the United States of 3.25%.This is not unrelated to the fact that Americans are taking a lot of drugs for the treatment of infertility.

“One-child policy” broke big a balance of male-to-female ratio of China, a great deal of attention has been paid to the age structure of society recently.Near future, it is because so that the number of elderly is higher than the working generation if the trend continues.However, are you thinking to try multiple births using drugs such as “Oigo circle” It seems very few in China, and I asked the woman who was in the waiting room of a hospital it would be “a joke?The answer may mean that “no child to be the mother is returned.(Translation and editing / NN)

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