Police disappeared from the city! Mexico

Asenshion Ascension is a small town in the United States along the border of Northern Mexico Chihuahua Chihuahua state of 10 003 thousand inhabitants.Drug organization has the power, one of the urban poor is the safest in Mexico, near, in the past three months, six people, including a police chief were killed in Shiudafuaresu (Juarez City).The opportunity three police officers is was killed in August 2, 2011, 20 people remaining (
26 people) resigned for fear of killing in a separate article.Right rooftops of Asenshion.In Mexico, police officer or killed, by or threatened, the police make oneself invisible from the city let alone not uncommon, even that residents no longer home.Situation of 2010 Mexico female police officer last is abducted in the city: Related Blogs of past
7 months appointed police chief Police Chief Manuel Martinez Arvizo after he was killed in May (left), is kidnapped by moving police car (left) on the highway with two police officers of the other, the next day torture, killed found.The day after three police officers were kidnapped, was found in the form of bullet-ridden from in the car in August.In this small town, that young people or kidnapped, it is killing had occurred frequently.Etc. to install a security camera for the security of the town along with the residents, director slain on the left, was just when you were very active.See article see article