Can not be expected to decrease in price of gasoline “state glut”.

Gasoline is baggy.. Out of stock after another supply capacity is decreased immediately after the occurrence of the Great East Japan Earthquake, the car was no long lines to the gas station (GS).. Past month or two from it, the situation was turned around.. On the other hand

, partly rising oil prices worldwide, gasoline prices have remained high.. On March 22, 2011, the national average price remains on board to 1 liter 150 yen stand a month the first time in 2 years and 5.. About why gasoline has decreased utilization to peak

04 years are baggy, that “I was too short to make” The Petroleum Association of Japan.. It was forced to correspond to the or the poster so that in the original GS you can limit the amount of the oil supplied per person is not “buying up”, but gasoline is out instead of having insufficient “Immediately after the earthquake, the disaster for the logistics were in arrears it was not prudent to place you need, including the land.. The “explains is that because there was a need to be delivered in a hurry, as a result of the production, and that is in a state of now.. According to the

Petroleum Association of Japan, domestic demand in March decreased 5.3% compared to the same month a year ago.. Three northeastern prefecture corresponding to the affected areas fell by around 30% among them.. Also

, Oil Information Center also said, “basically, can exist in a state where it was baggy gasoline” and.. Demand for gasoline is down at a pace of about 3% annual rate peaked in 2004.. This is because the spread of eco-car and low fuel consumption reduction of number of vehicles owned, the use of gasoline has decreased..

Petrol is May 7th time, are having stock of about 2.3 million kilometers liter (Petroleum Association of Japan survey).. The stock increase further purification of

heavy oil? The stock of gasoline, there is a possibility of further Dabutsuku.. As power shortages measures by accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, TEPCO, increase the proportion of thermal power generation.. Demand for heavy oil as fuel but also increases naturally, oil distributor will be forced to increase the production of that amount.. Because it is produced as a byproduct during the purification process of heavy oil, gasoline, it means that if you make a lot of heavy oil, gasoline also increases.. By stock

gasoline increases, I expect the decline in prices for consumers, but it is seen as “Do not do not fall too much” Oil Information Center.. The Golden Week of May

, the (West Texas Intermediate) in a week WTI is a typical index in New York crude oil futures market $ 16 (15%) you have fallen, closing price of May 6, 2011 fell below per barrel $ 97.18, a $ 100.. It is to have been sold from the uncertainty in the U.S. economy… Because I just do not want the price break as

oil wholesale company, referred to as “you probably keeping the price, such as export” if that’s what it takes.. And

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