“The new logo of the London Olympics” call popularity in the UK riots continue

I just cover the eye for an uprising of British looting and arson, etc., is going on the past few days.

Largely due to the fact that the verge of the London Olympics of 2012, we have seen the damage is large this confusion, and was made in response to the riots, more suitable “logo of the New Olympics” was buzz.

Please see the logo, which has been a popular topic.

It becomes the image of the riot exactly what, but …… I is a situation you do not laugh.

Anxiety in this situation worsening, Olympic is whether can be held without delay as it is also seems to be up, a variety of opinions had come out in foreign countries bulletin board.

I introduce you to extract a comment.-It’s a little silly, but I burst out laughing.

-It’s not just you.

· I enjoy the black humor it was not just me.

· It’s a pretty good job.But Kana image you got from somewhere.

– I think more of the real logo is good.
(Google Image Search Result)

-This was good, especially me.

• Do not be seen without a prejudice other.

· This is also my favorite
[I see the image]

-I did not think Eminem (wrapper) is to have something to do.

· I’m from Vancouver, but thank you very much.(Just because there was a riot in Vancouver)
(: Comparison photos have been talking about “Canadians too stupid,” a reference)

NEW events: 100 meters dash while carrying the TV.

· The torch would have forgotten to what he said he became well, rather than lit another.
[I see the image]

· It is much better than the actual logo.

– Did you remove the Hoop how.It is vehemently Cameron Prime Minister in an attempt to riot current, but only important time that before the Olympics, the trend of the future has been gaze.

Such as riots and revolution has continued in many parts of the world, but when there is dissatisfaction with the economic deterioration is essential cause, further expansion of the confusion there are concerns.

The new London 2012 logo: funny

Diagram is referred to as “uninstalling dictator now” of the reputation that it is easy to understand Related Articles – [“new logo of the London Olympics,” call the popular UK riots followed mule] than Q
· A single image representing the “revolution” in chess … hmmm
In fact, corporate logo in various ways with the meaning behind the hidden
– That dog is what’s?… “Dog of rebellion” that appears each time a riot takes place in Greece to topic
– 22 photos of the demo riots chaotic … or be mad or something was desperate