Representation problem of the Sea of ​​Japan, in the United States of Nipponism rage Korea (1) = China

Recently, for the representation of the waters of the eastern Korean Peninsula, the United States has expressed its position that it alone referred to as the “Sea of ​​Japan” and this area.Not only does not match the name of Korea as “East Sea”, this has not been reflected even opinion of South Korea seeking simultaneous referred to as the “Sea of ​​Japan” and “East Sea”.The 9th, public opinion in South Korea furious This was chanted “effort of ’20 is up in smoke”, to be “betrayed by the United States”.China network Japanese version (China net) was reported.

◇ or influence the U.S. position, the policy of the General Assembly IHO

Based on the principle of a single name for now, the United States side is opposite at the same time referred to as the “East Sea” and “Sea of ​​Japan”.The 9th, Korea Unicom are patronize Japan “U.S..I told the rebound of the Korean government’s “called for simultaneous representation of two names to the U.S. government through diplomatic channels already.

South Korea media, are concerned that the U.S. position could affect the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) General Assembly.To determine the notation of this area in the IHO general meeting to be held in April 2012.At this time, the chart also enacted, it becomes the basis of when this area notation name in the international community.At present, opinion of the United States and the UK marine powers is consistent, if the trend continues, the Korean government made “efforts of the last 20 years is up in smoke” that.

◇ Japan and South Korea “representation” battle

It raised the issue of representation “Tokai” immediately joined the United Nations after 1991, South Korea continued to appeal to the world to appoint up to international notation name ambassador.In addition, with respect to the map that was used in the closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympics has been referred to as the “Sea of ​​Japan”, the Korean government has “expressed its strict position” through diplomatic channels.

In addition to the efforts of the government, civilians also advertise that it should be referred to as the “East Sea” and “Sea of ​​Japan” and “Washington Post” and the “New York Times”.South Korea media reported optimistically “Sea of ​​Japan” and is no longer recognized gradually.The South Korean government has announced plans to conduct a thorough “are also shown in the Tokai Tokyo Sea of ​​Japan” in ’12.The (: Yonehara Yuko editors continued)