The world is flat, even in the entertainment world? – Wasting time?

I is said to be the downfall of the middle class is intense in the (labor shortage from the supply shortage or) the demand for low-skill jobs and high-skill extends in developed countries of the world occurs.Relocation and outsourcing of IT technology advances, such as the production base for emerging economies have reduced a lot of work that has been the work of traditional skills, such as in Clerical.

Then there is the downfall of the middle class as a result.

The other day, Korean press of the mass media is a serious problem on the net in the wake of Tsu~ito Mr. Takaoka.I was passing a Korean feature meaningless now, but also looking at the Fuji TV by chance.I have picked it nor groups such as the freshly debut….Cute separately such as KARA, and I think or, if you want a good to sell in its own way.However, the figure which also take up such as a group of freshly debut would still be abnormal.

With regard to this matter, I’ve already written some.(Reference article → economic freedom is a “Omou to press criticism Fuji TV Korean Wave” ensure freedom of speech)

However, with the development of the Asian countries, I think personally another here it is that the future, flattened that it would proceed, perhaps even world of show business.Of course, up the income level of the Asian countries will lead to a positive effect of quite probably for many celebrities with special skills.For the time being, there is no doubt that it will continue to lead the culture in Asia country of Japan with high cultural sophistication and the first place to join the ranks of developed countries in early Asia.And, there is no doubt that you continue to receive the benefit of course is Japanese.

However, the cultural level will go up as Asian countries will be developing at the same time.That like to lead the world to come born more from the countries of Asia not difficult to imagine.Also in the top class, competition will intensify and perhaps more.In addition, such a trend would reduce our consumers for foreign feeling rejection (unconscious) to flatten the world.

And it entertainer whose level is up in Asia is coming and to earn more in Japan also easy to imagine.Their cost should cheaper than appointing the Japanese probably for the Japanese media.And, if so, the Japanese are crowding out, it will not far day to be replaced by many celebrities who came from Asia.Of course, because there is a wall of language and customs, for example, but would not make such as third and half of those who has appeared in drama anything is up with foreigners….Still might be in about 1/10.Gravure singers and the language barrier is small may become more large proportion.

That trend top-class Izashirazu, that attempts to appoint foreign talent cheap cost more than at the level of more mid-level – under the stronger would be of course.

Flattening is in progress in the world of entertainment.How it would not be an aspect of the Korean arm-twisting?In a sense, Mr. Takaoka Tsu~ito might be close to the thought of workers of Japanese going deprived of their jobs.There is economic rationality of certain there.We should not miss the aspects these.Korean arm-twisting of the media that is protected by vested interests protected by the regulation is ridiculous, but get a job in Japan was too rich but in any event it is not easy.It might be just what is happening in the world of entertainment.

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