Socialist state of Japan lag -20 years as seen from foreigners?.

I wrote in the previous blog, but there is a chance to talk with foreigners, and I asked a lot.. It had said the government’s response of nuclear accident or disaster
this time, and will go down in history.. Of course
, I would as a bad example.. Even the Japanese government to
now, action was often not sure of the reason, but this time, it seems strange that by far the.. It means
“I come out as funny policy of the Japanese government in world history textbook of the future”
.. No

, when I heard this, I as “Doki” little.. I think I am, Prime Minister of
etc. now, and has led to the strange direction the country, and I do not feel even the ideas and principles.. So
, by consent, that “policy is strange” that is not a reason for Innovation “Doki”.. Why did you

as “Doki” is down as “the world history textbook”.. In other words
, when viewed historically, is that it’s funny, after this, Japan is that this is a Tondemonaku misery, it is because we think the cause is, and how it comes to strange policy of Kan administration.. Roughly, that of course
, I do not know that it miserable ridiculously is, or what, but that ride in textbooks of world history, it is to be a thing is not good… Well
, what this is, or would be economic system.. Or would
capitalism.. Or would be socialism.. It does not need to be explained
.. In fact

, under cover to Dosakusa immediately after the earthquake, socialist policies are not being carried out.. 20 years ago,
This is not an economic system that has been branded as blunders.. Even in China, which take communism as
political system, the economy has introduced capitalism.. Press down the

story, it’s set to “Doki” is pigeon policies specific society (obsolete) is followed as it is in Japan, since the dire situation the economy like Kakeru bankrupt is because it was thought.. Sonaruto
, and I’ll ride in world history textbook of countries.. Please do not think obsolete Nantes

socialist system.. Socialists are many politicians
inner circle of government.. It also …
to I have gone, bureaucracy, because it is strengthening the authority vested interests defending +, even this, Mr. Maehara is an easy slope to socialist.. You may

exaggerated, but for foreigners capitalism for granted, the current administration, I felt like there is a temperature difference of fairly.. In

Otherwise, it is the European story, but the real estate prices in France seems to be all-time high value updating.. The increase of the
real estate prices, it seems is also a national policy.. Italy and Germany
so is going up.. It seems Britain’s up more
.. Among the austerity, here, it is thanks to the central bank is taking easing policy.. On the other hand
, still, Spain, seems to be no good.. It was Spain and Italy
, and different! In passing the story ranged

Spain, for Greece, I tried to ask you to withdraw from the euro.. I had said flatly
the “impossible” and
.. Unity wonder if stiff
surprising? It thinks in

last, and whether they bother to European supply chain in Japan is broken, for the automotive industry, the impact is not nearly so.. It seems to good to say nothing
.. I was surprised a little! Because it is such as strong
VW (Volkswagen).. What
also, I’m a feeling to have, rather than rely on the Japan.