China Media – emotional conflict of the middle two peoples “Japanese are wary afraid of China” day deepens

August 12, 2011, was published “” China is a big oaf “Japan is China really afraid of” Youth helpful article.

The rapid rise of China has aroused the vigilance of Japanese.Some researchers point out “more than that China, a huge big tree” and “Udo was a war opponent once there, the Japanese fear and caution is natural” and.

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Conflict of mere intergovernmental is not an issue.Amid nationalist feelings run high in Japan and China, the two governments friendly to public opinion, it is placed on the situation hard to concession.Never definitive crack between Japan and researchers with a different, but they are expected to be able to seek stability in the friction continue.(Translation and editing / KT)

· Favorability drops to during the day both the Fukushima nuclear accident and the Senkaku Islands issue impact
· “Pink” was also encouraged! Anime characters is spiritual cornerstone of Japanese
And China want to honor the relationship sum of the neighboring countries to have good intentions – Yonghua, Chinese ambassador to Japan extent – not advocated hegemonism
• The promising field of future study program = middle-aged subject, the establishment during the day co – Hana-shaped paper
– Does not appear to drastic action to end government of Japan, gradually recovering to Japan-China relations is – Beihanaji site