Account data collapses! Staff retirement of mystery! Sloppy data management of Japan Post Bank is developing in court case

Government wholly owned “Japan Post Holdings Co., Ltd.”.Speaking of Japanese financial institutions is the largest under its umbrella, it is “Post Bank Co., Ltd.”.175 trillion yen deposit balance with about 200 trillion yen total assets, but scale far beyond the other mega-banks.In such a state bank a substantial situation the recording of the personal account is the loss of revelation.It was found that the parties were suspicious had filed a lawsuit against the Post Bank.

For Japan Post Bank, sloppy management of the data has been pointed out from the postal savings era, experts to analyze this incident’s also the tip of the iceberg not a few.What happened in the financial institutions of Japan’s largest.

The beginning of the turmoil in October 2007.Mr. A former finance industry management was five state requiring long-term care in Osaka Yao has died.While proceeding with the procedure of inheritance, the second son, Jiro (a pseudonym) will become apparent after another is mysterious fact.

If you examine the family register first, wife, eldest son of Mr. Ichiro (a pseudonym), but found that it had signed an adoption and father died before I knew.An unnatural act later years, A’s were close to insanity state, that the adopted daughter the wife of the eldest son just before the death, Jiro is determined to have an invalid of adoption in the trial were questioned Ichiro (Later of course ).

In addition, there may be daughter of Ichiro worked in Japan Post Bank, Jiro with a doubt “Ichiro than had embezzled the money of the father with his daughter,” said, questioned the eldest son that effect even was.However, immediately after this, the daughter of Mr. Ichiro retirement suddenly the Japan Post Bank.Answers hard to convince “daughter do not know where you are missing out” (as eldest son, Ichiro) there is only returned from the eldest son.

The new (Ichiro that had been away with Arakata By this time) Jiro who was at a loss is, and try to organize once again the relic of A’s father, a passbook of postal savings of quadruplicate in the name Mr. A (: to passbook [1] – and [4] Editor’s note here) and discovered.If you check the contents, has been canceled already ([1] – [3]) is three copies, had been left 5.38 million 8,494 yen for the balance ([4]) 1 copy.

However, Jiro who thought that there is not supposed to be only one account heritage of A, who is known for large taxpayers is heard informally based Japan Post Bank staff that was in charge of his father · A’s in the past tried to.Then, (Editor’s Note was able to obtain the testimony of the “two and a regular account and” ● ● ● “, had entrusted the ● ten million yen, at least from Mr. A”: The specific upon request of the original clerk notation numbers or withheld).

The “regular account of the two”, and one of the main products of the postal savings extremely high convenience 10 million yen limit, that half a year compound interest at maturity ’10 According to the former employee.However, it has been determined that a fixed amount of savings can not be open only one account per depositor by the Postal Savings Act.Account of the two was present why.For this, (44) to explain another man there is a work experience of more than 10 years in a particular post office with the Kanto.

We are determined to be one one account “Yes, but when I say two, and do not make three to say either, I was making the ordinary anywhere in the station before privatization.In rural areas, identification also ledger management also fairly bogus, it is what made Bambang under fictitious name against the elderly in particular retention of assets ”

Testimony of former employee is correct, the possibility of more than one in addition to the four copies of the hand is high account name of Mr. A.I think so, Jiro went on a behavior, such as the following.

In addition to the regular account, such as in the “testimony, I was convinced that account his daughter and eldest son embezzled probably to have more than one there are other.Eldest son et al even if you have already canceled if, if multiplied by the query data by specifying the date of any account that existed in the past should emerge.Anyway No of balance, first there was a number of any account, I was thinking of organizing one by one the facts.And it will not work, I thought my father also does not float ”
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