Historical view of the [Korean] BBS Japanese right wing, what I think?”Japanese arrogant”

Portal site of South Korea in the “Daum”, I wrote the author encounters a study in Japan era, about the occurrence of the right-wing youth of Japan.In contrast, various opinions were received.Below, translated the Japanese writing by the Korean.Rustic and impressions of the editorial department in ().


● main thread: Haruharu

The August 15, the day of the government established by a light Liberation for us.However, in the anniversary of the end of the war, in Japan, meeting of maintenance right-wing group will open a lot for that for Japan.When I was studying in Japan previously, I saw the people who rally wearing a vehicle that at this time of the year, just attached the loudspeaker in a nearby park, the military uniform of the Japanese military in the past.Youth appear before the age of 20 are at the beginning of the meeting, figure crying passionately very strange was supremely.

A few days later, I met by chance in the youth, as well as receive the Villa, it was decided to swap stories.First, I was not revealed to be a Korean, but it seems to have found a feeling.Idea for Korea was interesting, it was lost to the United States, but “Japan is not of lost to Korea.He said Korea is a country that can not even have the status of the victorious powers “or” resolved the compensation issue of “Japan-Korea.Story If you say a word, that Toitsumero the president of South Korea at the time it.It was an event that resulted in the young right-wing Japanese, know what has been any thought anyway.

While celebrating the August 15, Dokdo: recent noisy, heart was heavy as you remember the right-wing youth, such as Japan and South Korea (Japanese name Takeshima) problem.


● I Should Misere the power of wheat field Korea.Still voice like that or will leave?

● to hide the Tsushima is Korean territory, eoanftksid Japan, Dokdo land obvious our reverse: claiming that it is their land, the (Japanese name Takeshima).And without fear of conflict, it is necessary to oppose boldly.

● 7 月 1 日 1949 年 and August 18, 1948, eoanftksid Lee Sunman President made a statement “old maritime boundary lies between Korea and Japan” and it is the official request Tsushima returned to Japan.It Genkainada between Japan Oki and Tsushima.

● It’s Vienna box Paradoxically though, that the right-wing youth to speak confidently so shall be called to prove that the school and the Japanese government could not even decent history education.This is in contrast to the reality of us, I will not reconsider a lot of things.The power of education ….

● Japan you do not want to free school lunch voting participation, the country can not come close to the absolute.

● insisted on the modernization of South Korea by the colony in Phu Japan, people who act arrogant to be a self-proclaimed new intellectuals I’m often.

● Not only j Dogi Young Women Guadalupe right wing, Japanese people the majority believes that way.Japanese people in general, not only expressed on the surface.I disdain the Korea implicitly in mind.(In paranoia is …)

● Moonlight Japan though I comeback in the Korean War.

● for studying history wrong there is no reflection of Kim Min Sun past, thoughtless words in such a way that it does not talk.I seem to war again someday.

● Friendlo individual claims are not extinguished.The right-wing youth is wrong.

● position of the right wing of Japan’s child wolf North Korea?

● Even compelled None release by the power of our example and flying around, it is not possible to justify the invasion itself.

● that if the position of young people in the country super-senior, think like that is of course.(Difference of historical perception of Japan and Korea seem large)

● the youth pavilion area, the spirit is incredible.And be a great person if adult.

● eighteen pieces of thread main Kan’nyon anxious what you’ve responded to the right-wing youth.

● right wing of Touchdo Japanese Internet users of Korea, it is not much different.

(Editors: Lee Nobue Koji Yamaguchi)