Pooh is full! Collaboration with the launch of sneakers VANS movie public celebration

ABC Mart, announced the original products, which collaborated with the popular character “Winnie the Pooh” Disney! From August 17, the company mail order site in the “ABC-Mart.net” limitation, selling “SLIP-ON (V98CLA POOH)” of (¥ 6090) has begun.

If you look carefully, [image] Winnie the Pooh of various facial expressions!

This collaboration product which had appeared to match latest Disney movie “Winnie the Pooh” is to be published on Saturday, September 3 of “Winnie the Pooh × VANS”.It’s attention items and tooth-based character Winnie the Pooh heal one of the most popular models of VANS “SLIP-ON” is fused among the Disney characters.

The upper part, and print the Pooh design of yesteryear took various poses.Size 22.5 ~ 28.5cm and is also set widely, and be able to not only men, women also enjoy it’s point.In addition, this time, Kizzumoderu 14 ~ 22cm (no ※ Half) (¥ 3,675), so that released simultaneously, it is also possible to make matching with child.

Before the movie release, the collaboration item a cute Winnie the Pooh and VANS’ve formed a powerful tag.People who may not see you again When you miss this? Anxious to try to check it out! [Tokyo Walker]

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