“Deny entry of the popular group retaliation of Japan” = China public opinion in South Korea

The 16th, after arriving in Tokyo’s Haneda Airport, popular idol group in Korea “BEAST” was turned back to Korea entry permit without down.Ring and ball time signal of China media (electronic version), some of the public opinion in South Korea, the Japanese side for the three lawmakers of Japan has been refused entry to South Korea in the 1st trouble this time and whether it is “retaliation” It was reported that There seems to be a movement to think.

According to the agency of the BEAST, 6 person group arrived at Haneda Airport at around 11 am on the 16th.However, was denied entry by the examiner of the Tokyo Immigration Bureau for visa problems.It is also stranded for 8 hours at the airport, after all, the party was supposed to head back to Korea at around 8 pm.Events of the fans had planned the day was canceled hastily.

Article, introduced when the immigration examiner of Haneda Airport was interviewed by Japanese media, and said, “for BEAST came to Japan without a visa Kogyo” why was refused entry.According to the article, the management company in Japan “BEAST, visit to Japan this time is a promotional 1st album was released of” SO BEAST “, there is no need for basically” entertainment visa “rather than planning, such as concerts I have an “informed and.

The 1st of this month, a day, three lawmakers of Japan’s Takeshima Japan and South Korea claim sovereignty over: tried to visit the (Ururun) Island Ulleungdo close to the (Korean name Dokdo), but South Korea Seoul Gimpo Airport in were denied entry.Article reported, “The public opinion in South Korea, deny entry that BEAST is received at Tokyo Haneda Airport, has seen one of the retaliation that Japan has made to South Korea” and.(Editors: Oikawa MinamotoJuro)