How to change the workplace awkward.

Human relations in the company is the trouble of work to hear well.. May also have a negative impact on the work itself human relationship does not go well, it seems that many people think a career change is also under.. For such a problem, tell me! I tried to think of frequently asked questions in goo.. “OL is you want to leave the company”

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here, seems to think every day want to leave the company and junior sled does not match.. Refers to ill to be heard on purpose, the boss also unlikely to pampered in just such younger players, younger players has asked the question to be “? Should we continue the company as it is in this environment”..

For this, I think

be pampered “is,’s privilege of youth.. I think if it work, it is not acceptable, that it is easy to work is much hated.. Because you can focus on your tasks “would be the type that is hated from the same sex” junior (matatabi2008’s)

.. These types will self-destruct.. It ‘s nice after ignoring only professional relationship “Hey hassle at all”, and I relationship (korochanote’s)

is.. I we have repeatedly change jobs many times, but is a human relations all “Some in any organization Nantes man you do not go” (gesigesi’s)

.. Opinion there is no drill “(nabituma’s) such as

were received.. How to become a gentle person

■ workplace? Q & A about the relationship of

workplace has been received a lot, answer similar almost always have been written.. It will be troublesome where human relations that is also to say.. On the other hand, there are some questions and that it might Kizuke smooth human relations at work now somehow Nakaniwa.. Posted by saiko-nomi’s question here

? “If I become After you loving person”

is a human relationship is awkward “company

If you are upset by mistake, I do not even put out true self.. Actually I want to be a person who is raised to well to people deep affection “and

, we solicited their opinions and you can be in contact with colleagues in the workplace and with love what if..

Speaking of being able to “, comments received with respect to this, I guess is the” sum face love words “.. And I think in will be different even just to be multiplied by the kind words during a break in the off-hours? “It is to allow the other person” (prajunya’s)

.. Rather than be expressed in words and attitudes, it is referred to as “forgive”, is to allow in my mind simply.. Let me also forgive yourself if you forgive the other party “(ADATARA’s) and

…, answer any of was a fairly profound content.. It is said to mean “words with mild face and a relaxed” the (goo dictionary) The “sum face love words”.. When you get stuck in a relationship, it’s try to forgive (also my own) Then the opponent, I think quite a good idea..