Or present a formal offer of 1.4 billion yen aim to acquire Arsenal, Keisuke Honda

Russian media “Life Sports” is reported in order to win the Japan representative MF Keisuke Honda belonging to CSKA Moscow, Arsenal, and presented a formal offer of 13 million euros (about 1.4 billion yen).

This summer, Arsenal released to Barcelona Cesc Fabregas of Spain representative MF.I have seen Transfers French representative MF Samir Nasri is also only a matter of time.It is a pattern in the need of new forces acquisition is pointed out to lose a player of main class, singled out took the Honda, which is also proven in the Champions League and to play an active part in the World Cup.

Honda itself, eager to play in the league of the world’s highest mountain from previous.Arsenal, known as the powerhouse of England’s leading destination Transfers fair game.that for many years, can be served as a kicker role of a set play, which is one of the problems Arsenal faced a plus.

However, Honda has left up to the 2013 contract with CSKA Moscow.The club and does not want the release of the Honda is a valuable force.Because it has been that it is necessary to transfer fee is expensive for Transfers, it’s going to be the focus of one of CSKA Moscow is whether you are satisfied with the offer amount of Arsenal.

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