We are supposed to Ghana is great now

Kosmos Energy Genesis from Kosmos Energy on Vimeo.

Ghana is expected to be great now.

GDP growth for this year are expected to be 13.7% in the forecast of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), this is one of the highest growth rate in the world.

The biggest reason Ghana is rapidly growing is found is a large oil field in offshore, and due to the fact that it has started commercial production finally.

Ghana is famous for a long time in the Ashanti gold mine in addition to it.

(What, was blessed with underground resources, do not you lucky thing)

You’ll be also be viewed that way.

If you look at the countries of the African continent other indeed, the discovery of mineral oil and brought prosperity temporary, but the case conflict between tribes occurs Concerning interest them, corruption of power that occurs is now seen many was.

It does not mean Ghana is also not involved in such a problem in the future.
Fortunately, democracy is established Ghana, not only was held solemnly, presidential election of two times in the past is realized without trouble regime change even though both lost by a narrow margin incumbent president is a few percent we have.

I think governance of government is also ahead of other African countries for this, fraud over the interests of oil and relatively hardly.

It is a large oil field was discovered in 2007 offshore oil field that is running in Ghana now that Jubilee, but the information disclosure is extremely commercial production since the start of every day, announcer of local radio stations and read to scrupulously the production of the day is a good.Production plan for this year is 12 million barrels.

Oil companies are operating in the offshore of Ghana is a state-owned GNPC Kosmos Energy, Anadarko Petroleum, and tallow Energy,.

Pays a strong interest in co-existence with the local community is an emerging oil company specializing in Africa tallow Energy and Kosmos Energy Of this.

Crude oil produced from the Jubilee is a very high-quality crude oil API gravity 37.7, and 0.25% sulfur content.
Some processing called this FPSO, offshore plant a converted tanker, it is not stored.

IMF is looking Jubilee oil field is strongly contribute to the revenue of the country’s national treasury.

If the export is made in strong, money around in Ghana has become too well, competitiveness of export products of others, such as agricultural products there is no currency Cedi is too strong, so-called “Dutch disease problem (Dutch Disease) It is that “is that it might occur.

It should be noted that there is a stock exchange in Ghana, but most of the total market value of AngloGold Ashanti is a foreign company: is occupied tallow Energy in London (ticker AU, gold mining company, NYSE) and.

Recently, Kosmos Energy (ticker: KOS) has been IPO in NYSE.