Ingenuity Association supervision popular menu in the “fried”, French, and stand-up meal buckwheat

Slightly gender, age question, popular “fried”.Convenience store, of course, I can eat even in stand-up meal soba shop.

Classic menu of popular “fried”, various means have been made, the topic is not exhausted.

Lawson longtime seller of major convenience store deals with the “fried chicken Kun” series, “Japan Association supervision fried version” appeared.It is intended to release one type, for the third month running specialties fried monthly around, same version, is supposed to hit, and delicious taste of each place feel free.

The first step, the land of fried chicken originated “Usa anyone soy sauce taste (June Sales)”, “Nagoya chicken wings anyone taste (July sale)” 2nd was.3rd of August which is the “bird” and the “fried chicken Kung Nakatsu anyone your taste, 210 yen”.Based on the popular taste, salt, referred to as the Holy Land Oita Prefecture of fried chicken marinated in sauce and with lots of ginger and garlic in Nakatsu.

If it is individualistic, a canteen full bloom (Ebisu, Tokyo) “French fried chicken (100 g, 400 yen)” is.Of seasoned fried chicken chef there is a training experience of French cuisine makes is characterized by who milk the secret, is to use the herb mix semolina, to finish the batter.Lemon sour of lemon squash and same store (from ¥ 380) and (380 yen), reputed as a drink that matches fried.

The ride in the train, you want to direct to stand stand-up meal of fried chicken station reaches miss.If Michinoku Sendai, second floor JR Sendai Station, the falling buckwheat processing Mori “chicken fried noodle (360 yen each)”.Sales had been interrupted by the impact of the Great East Japan Earthquake in the previous, but it resumed in June.Size jumbo texture and close to tempura slightly gems Features.

If it is size, I want to give a “(input and the input and 440 yen 340 yen each one fried chicken, two) fried noodle” Yayoi eaves in the Tennoudai Station Abiko Station of the JR Joban Line.Some of the vessel, fried fist size is enshrined as if to overwhelm those who eat just.The Yayoi eaves is also known that the genius painter of that wandering, Kiyoshi Yamashita was working one o’clock.

Fried sought after and relish lunch or dinner, liquor.However, high in calories Eteshite things delicious.I want to be careful about eating too much.

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Hanshin Yuhei, Hideyuki Kato [Author]

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