Some cases inadequate cleaning for a popular hormone Maruchou tubular.

It is a problem that issued the food poisoning more than 100 patients, including the deaths of four people by eating raw meat roast chain stores in the “barbecue Shuka Ebisu,” but, in fact, there is a voice “Yukke problem is the tip of the iceberg” and.. The past few years

, hormone specialty chain stores discount is rapidly expanding..  Some meat distributor says.. “The hormone cheap purchase cost, is called the savior of deflation era within the industry, specialty stores have appeared like bamboo shoots after rain” but

, the food problem

Gunji Kazuo detailed journalist sound the alarm.. “Hearts and Kobukuro (heart) and (uterus), internal organs such as that do not touch the bacteria directly in any case, care must be taken such as colon and small intestine of popularity because they have the bacteria originally

.. Bacteria will be killed if heated, but hard to heat street, some may enter the mouth bacteria alive hormone that an uneven surface “is all that is particularly dangerous

, the small intestine was turned over remains of cylindrical without opening “Maruchou (Marucho)” that it is.. Luxury roast shop manager says.. Maruchou does not provide risk is high in the luxury store in the “general

.. Intestine is to clean the front and back open always, to provide a cylindrical shape, the risk of cleaning is not prudent haunts the Maruchou.. In addition, hard to fire passes, bacteria comes from the easy rest of the inside of the tube “also

, the deep-discount store of some, to some cases not indicated whether pork or beef.. “Body temperature of the pig is closer to humans, it has a lot of bacteria that infect humans, there is a risk of infection to hepatitis E virus in particular”

(Mr. Gunji, supra) risk is to be pointed out to the other, or hamburger with minced, it’s molded meat made by collecting the waste meat.. Top of the causes of food poisoning that’s hamburger in the United States.. “Center is in rare form, hamburger gravy overflow has become popular, but originally growing even internally by bacteria should not only on the surface of the meat was minced

might.. If you like to eat in undercooked hamburger is dangerous “is (same as above)

meat, you have to know more about the meat..