“National moderator of Japan retired in relation to the gang,” Shimada Shinsuke – South Korea

Announced 23 day and night, Shinsuke Shimada’s talent (55) performs a conference at the headquarters of Yoshimoto Kogyo Tokyo Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, and to retire the show business.That the period of three (3) years from June 2005, and had done the exchange of information and gang-related person is found.where Shimada himself admitted the act, that was the offer entertainment activities retirement to take social responsibility, that the company was also acknowledgment.Korea multiple media also focused on retirement of this, I have been told on a reported.

South Korea media reported for Shinsuke Shimada’s moderator who has a narrative of the best in Japan, had been proud of popularity performs an emergency press conference, announced his retirement from show business suddenly, shock and ran to the entertainment industry of Japan was.Reason of retirement, explained that it was for the fact that his team was kept in touch by e-mail and gangster is discovered to Yoshimoto of the firm.

It said, “is Shimada Shinsuke was supposed to retire from show business Omotte today” at the beginning of the press conference, with the figure which was Yonido people everyday, Shimada announced the history of retirement.On the other hand, he reportedly did not hide emotion of frustration with the media.

Shimada Shinsuke’s, comedian it debuted in 1974, and was driven comic boom of Japan in the 1980s.It was representative of the national moderator to lead a variety of popular programs.Introduction was successful as a producer of entertainers from shame, and Pado.

However, to beat the female manager of the firm in October 2004, he was also famous for quick-tempered personality was sent papers in alleged assault.South Korean media also conveyed in this case, that there has been that it was a crisis of showbiz retirement was also observed.(Editors: Lee Nobue Koji Yamaguchi)