China Media – surging billows in the city, Hong Kong gastronomic “Korean wave” menu

August 12, 2011, the Bund Pictorial of Shanghai Media (electronic version) has published an article that tells the Korean food boom of Hong Kong.The following summary.

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To buy the latest fashion magazines in Japan, girls in Japan boom, was called “哈日 group” just was engrossed in idol drama and Japanese Hong Kong 10 years ago.Japan 1 Tsudaga, girls and “where you want to go”‘s hooked now for most Hong Kong people’s Korea still.Because “when I eat Korean food, I feel as close to the star of longing to” and, Korean restaurant there are a lot of Hong Kong is thriving across the board.

in Hong Kong before the Korean wave arrives, Korean food was a nonentity.It was not if you want to eat Korean food if authentic, can only go to the restaurant of Korean Town to take high fool “stranger fee”.It must wait to be recognized, “there is a wide selection as well as grilled meat and kimchi, soups and noodles, Gohan-rui, even desserts, all of which are delicious,” said now.

However, can make Korean food to cherish the taste of tradition only Korean.Recipes ancestral because present in each household in Korea.Yatai village in the Tsim Sha Tsui district behind If you enjoy feel free to taste Korean households would recommend.I is crowded every day with customers who buy Kinpapu and Yan’nyomu Chicken (vinegared rice rolled in dried laver).The unusual food of Korean in South Korea, such as the Fair major supermarkets because is sold, the try us.(Translation and editing / Hongo)

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