Memorial ceremony = President Aquino 1 anniversary refused to apologize – Chinese media

August 23, 2011, the day of the first anniversary of the Philippine bus hijacking incident, the families and survivors took part in the memorial ceremony in Manila.On the other hand, I have to remark President Aquino not only did not participate in the ceremony, bus hijacking incident was not a fault of the Philippines.The 24th, China newspaper network reported.

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August 23 last year, in Manila, Philippines, incidents bus carrying the Hong Kong tourists who tour is hijacked by ex-policeman has occurred.Philippines police daring assault, but it was a disaster eight people hostage will die took much time to suppression.After the incident, protests 80,000 people to participate and be carried out in Hong Kong, was developed into an international problem.

This day of one-year anniversary of the incident, President Aquino took part in the naval vessels new arrival ceremony, which was held in just a few hundred meters from the memorial ceremony venue.For hostage crisis, it is a matter of “abnormal offender”, comment country of the Philippines is not harmed.I rejected the apology.

One of the survivors, Li 奕彪 is (Lee Ibyao) ‘s, show outrage to apologize rejection of President Aquino, and is there to not be met even apology is a request of “a minimum, would not even supposed to respond to compensation I lamented “.Bereaved families and survivors met with human rights lawyers in Manila.I have to register a lawsuit.I also was opposed to the legislators in the Philippines in the afternoon the 23rd.(Translation and editing / KT)

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