Molester, World Athletics players excessive body contact = Korea in Korean female college student

I found that two foreign players that have joined the world championship of land in (South Korea, Daegu), but had received interrogation from Korea police as was the sexual harassment act to two female college student in South Korea.Two players became a non-prosecution, but plans to leave the country until the 31st.South Korea more than one media reported.

The 30th, according to the Daegu eastern police station, at around 8 pm August 25, two foreign players had been working part-time in the athletes’ village entrance at the entrance at the Olympic Village apartment provided in Daegu, Higashi-ku, Kurishita dong I have excessive body contact with two female college student.

Two female college student is greeted foreign players before, foreign players were cuddle women as it’s way of greeting their.4 people walked together about 20 to 30 meters, but I rank eat the cheek In the meantime, you tried to kiss.

From what has been reported to the police the next day, the college student as felt sexual shame, foreign players have undergone interrogation.Police prosecutors players, but because the national team coach of players apologized, college student side canceled the complaint in the afternoon on the 30th.After all, players become a non-prosecution disposal, I have to leave Korea to 0:50 on the 31st.

Athlete’s village official World Championship, said, “you were instructed to be careful when in contact with the foreign players, but shame that there is no good would be happening to women” and.(Editors: Shinkawa Yu)