“Determination feel it was unfair,” director of North Korea defeated / post-fight press conference

The 2nd, the first match Brazilian World Cup (W Cup) Asia 3 preliminary round is performed, Japan representative is 1-0 DPR Korea.

Yoon Jong-soo director of North Korea defeated, told as follows in the post-match press conference.

Is sometimes referred to as “away game, it was uphill battle, but the players who fought well.I think I tried hard to be well physically mentally ”

There is also sometimes referred to as “Away, I’m dissatisfied with the decision of the referee.I feel that it is unfair.If you give a red card, he should have been two simultaneous.Be dissatisfied I mean red card only one.CK also became the score of the last, has been to CK, the thing was not really in CK.With such points, we feel that decision said it was unfair.Next is the home game, but we’re expecting shall be able to exert enough in the fight in the country ”

Did not bother to change the GK “(half-time?It did not change it because I believe that you fight to the end in the spirit force) GK ”

“(Defense was great, but what was the key point of the most?Because I thought Japan’s axis peas), was instructed to mark firm.I think positioning, players of We, the hard work well together judgment ”

I think “(judgment it was the fight of your scenario Apart.What do you think about the goals conceded from heading?I was able to make a defense to) planned.I think the end is a translation had conceded from mistakes, but that it has worked hard well in contents ”

Photo: Takeo Yamaguchi

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