18-year-old student and (Tokyo) who was raised to the effect … measure, wipe.

Two months from the accident…. Housewives of Tokyo, you take credit

! Never “meaning, showed that the water weapon again all over the house, everything was down by 0.06 admirably (leave mail)

].. It is wonderful to

really.. 0.06,

room is 0.04 1m from the floor floor.. Effect wipe

was great.. It has somehow maintained in a condition immediately after wiping also

today, and you have to make a quick wipe anyway walls and floors around when even a little high.. Then preference will be given to the attentive or Hatay clothes when you came back from the outside that it is kept in mind such

.. The think

garden, this week, we want to deal with after removing the weed got to come towards the gardener because it is supposed to feel what m thing trees overgrown as the one who uncontrollable forest I You.. We have received an example of ”

.. I think radioactive material considerable because flew to Tokyo in early March

, as it was attached to at that time. It was good

.. I play an active part [student

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! Person of]

18-year-old student told me measure the Iwaki..

Place of (usually 0.5 from 0.2 micro micro is around (per hour)… The

2. Place like this

pools flow, you will come flowing with water.. Students are surprised by the 10 micro (per hour) really. Thank you

.. I was very useful.. Student indeed! Please do not give up “radiation is high in the region” and

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.. Also

, please do not think you “tired, decontamination is difficult” and.. Just say, “act to avoid the strong place of radiation”, it’s a

important, it is the half.. I think it is to stay away gutter, bush, and drift. Good and to think so as to reduce the exposure in

school route, to teach well to children, it is to live every day.. Exposure is so “addition”, a stack of little by little will to great effect. Concern of my

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now, revert to the original one-year “Fukushima and that? “or is the primary” other “Japan…