[Enta vitamin ♪] Musashi fighter.Become a shaved head in late summer, to make a pound cake.

Musashi (38) of the martial artist is spelled in his blog, the memories of the late summer of this year.I is the memories and events like Kawai unexpectedly, and Koji Murofushi that won the gold medal at the World Athletics Championships hammer throw that ended the other day.

Beginning with “Oss!”, And “can-do” official blog of Musashi.It is emoticons entered, in an easier-to-read text.

How was shaved and haircut, the hair longer than shoulder has been posted along with the photo on August 31.It’s Musashi long hair style was attached to the plate completely, but the “Short is good you look at the comments section.I is quite popular in the fan “.It is not clear whether momentum was shaved head, but in the September 4, I tried to make a “pound cake.It is written with “.Because you have used a pound cake mix on the market, seems to have finished delicious without fail.Did Fascinated by baking, and Taro made something also “.I is the impression of a “.If you imagine as you are making a pound cake in that big body, and very pleasing.

And that there is that previously, I met by chance on trains heading to Osaka and Koji Murofushi of Hammer Throw.According to the blog of August 31, Musashi seems to have ended up 爆睡 immediately return to their seats to discover the Goji player seat was close, Musashi boarded from Shinagawa Station exchanging a couple of short conversation.Musashi woke up in Nagoya Station, noticed that postcard to are placed on a bag of their own that were placed in the next seat that had been vacant.Photos of Murofushi players Yes to print on the postcard, it was written by hand and “! Please do your best to be careful in your body”.Without causing Musashi sleeping, in gentleness and Gentleman of the first time Goji players who left the message, and he was thrilled sincerely.

Blog Musashi is not updated frequently, but in or worried feather swallowtail butterfly I met on a rainy day is or not wet, it is a blog fun to read personality of his is handed down.For a look once, and perhaps it would be.
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