back circumstances new Impreza, a full model change soon strangely.

Eight years to the second generation from the founder, seven years to the third generation from the second generation.. Speaking of what the number or, It is the model cycle Impreza.. I’m fairly long.. However, funny thing has occurred a little.. The third generation Impreza, be handed over to the fourth generation of only four years in the “short” cycle is now to ensure.. Did you supposed to be a full model change in a short time so why

? Reason of
largest deployment of CVT..

Impreza I gain CVT for the first time, but incorporate a CVT to the chassis of the predecessor must be makeover.. But I, and wants to pile up CVT as soon as possible.. conclusions where it was put out as a “Better yet, you! Let the new Dattara much shake things up” and.. In this way, I mean that was supposed to be a full model change of the Impreza is carried out in a short cycle to overturn the precedent..
Development is endgame anymore, release date, I’d like a little late than initially expected due to the impact of the earthquake disaster.. In addition, I would like to launch in the U.S. before Japan..