Cheap hotels of 70 yen per night – are equipped with tile floor, to internet access

September 6, 2011, hotels 6 yuan per night (about 70 yen) can be in Zhengzhou City of China, it has attracted attention.China Photo Press was told.

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I suspect against the background of the real estate prices too high in China, capsule hotel rates is lower than the general hotel is increasing in recent years.”Container inn” to Yes made in the vicinity of the construction site with the Zhengzhou city, there are 600 or more places what such a “container inn” in Zhengzhou City, it’s number of surprise more than 1,000 locations in Henan.

Yes floor tiles laid neatly in three meters height, 18 square meters of internal area of ​​”container inn”, desk and chair, electricity use to access the Internet course.There is also a window to the west, I can also ventilation.Is attractive above all to people and migrant workers, work location changes very often Rates of 70 yen per night.

According to the story RiKurenaiHiroshi who runs the “container inn” of (Lee Honbo) ‘s, current, lending of container by the month, there is no particular limit what people do live in container.Trouble such as water and electricity that’s okay instead of people who live must be resolved, even if the internal remodeling somewhat.(Translation and editing / kurenai)

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