Beijing = “reverse out” the critics appraisal … fool bank wealthy to “treasure” counterfeit

Trial of former management (Hanananjimori population), of ShaneSakae defendant Yanshan Hanananji forest population with affiliated and real estate company in Beijing city is underway.Xie defendant had repeated fraud is allowed to credit the bank by showing forged the “gold 縷玉 clothes”, such as rent (about 6 billion 52.5 million Japanese Yen) 500 million yuan.Gold 縷玉 clothing “is appraised five experts, and wore a value of” 2.4 billion yuan (about 29 billion Japanese Yen 5200) “of.’re Criticism is out to irresponsible judgment will be set forth or “credit was easily why” and “expert”.Chugokushinbunsha is reported.

“Gold 縷玉 clothing” was made famous by being discovered in the tomb of Zhongshan Yasushi-o of the Han Dynasty in the Hebei Province in 1968.It’s costumes rig body which was made by stitched in gold thread, such as Chinese prized the “ball”.Various “gold 縷玉 clothing” was announced in China since then.Dedokoro thing is uncertain in many cases, but if the certificate of “It’s something historic” by the “expert” is marked with many.

Already in a mansion, Xie defendant has been owned multiple luxury cars such as Rolls Royce, it was well-known there as the “millionaire”.It was also known as a collector of antiques.

However, the financial health of the company deteriorated, Xie defendant had repeated the act get a loan with fake documents.In addition to use in the management of the company, devotes to luxurious life of their own, and that with 500 million yuan about housing, automobile, art settling, gambling, and entertainment According to the confession of Xie defendant.

2002, and noticed that there is a falsehood to various materials that had been submitted Hanananjimori population to seek new loans, China Construction Bank, which had financed Hanananjimori population sought clarification Xie defendant.Xie defendant filed a financial statement, but again, that was also the contents of the false.”The market valuation’s 2.4 billion yuan Xie defendant indicates an appraisal as” clothing 縷玉 gold “, further.Cash-‘re just difficult temporarily company.It said that if selling the “gold 縷玉 clothing”, to return the money are receiving now also financing such as “possible, and cheated bankers.”Gold 縷玉 clothing” was something that made the new, but disguised as “historical art”.

Five expert-created certificate.Both China’s leading China Museum of History Researcher, Palace Museum former deputy director, world antiquities appraisal committee chief and, because it was “expert”, the bank also believed.Appraised value of “2.4 billion yuan” is that was expensive that is not thought about the case was made of the new “gold 縷玉 clothing”.Xie suspect, was able to get a loan of 500 million yuan in new.

It is five connoisseur is, have received an appraisal fee several hundreds of thousand yuan (500,000 yuan = about 6 million Japanese Yen) from Xie suspect.According to one of the connoisseur, and watched for a while from the outside of the glass case, had only signed the certificate.Referred to as “I thought cage is the authority of the district, some experts of seniors, that there is no mistake in the view (of 2.4 billion yuan)”.

“I thought 2.4 billion yuan was too expensive, but it ‘s valuable things such as price not attached”, “banks are somehow.The “experts” stating that “would have believed easily Xie suspect also why you are.


Been detained in March 2008, was passed said lower court decision of life imprisonment in the “loan fraud” in 2009 ShaneSakae defendant.It appealed the ruling, ShaneSakae defendant are scrambling a second trial is September, 2011.(Editors: Kisaragi Hayato)