The LEGO described in the European financial crisis: JP Morgan

“LEGO described in the European financial crisis: JP Morgan” article in the photo, with a link, click here

Global financial is pretty awful.It is difficult to state even in the company you are analyzing professionally, to explain the intricate entanglement.So, this week, Michael Senbaresuto acting as a chief investment officer at Private Bank of the United States JP Morgan’s was that when you send the analysis report, a description is given of the complex relationships in the European economy by using the mini figure of LEGO.

In its report (PDF), Senbaresuto Mr said:.In order to analyze the “diversity factor, I got the advice of Peter Senbaresuto to be an expert to conceptualize such a phenomenon.Peter (age 9 years), as a medium mini figure of LEGO, and told me to help you to create a diorama on the next page ”

I do not have confidence to whether or not to fully understand the diagram are described here, but they can give one’s seal of approval for that JP Morgan’s understand the principle “consisting better by LEGO All” wax.

TEXT BY Dave Banks

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