Conclusion “All Japan Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.” to be made into one of Japan’s heavy industry

Then, management integration of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Hitachi, Nihon Keizai Shimbun report also became “to fall through” the two companies denied.However, talk of mergers between companies is huge that it needs, but Mr. Kenichi Ohmae.

The mergers and acquisitions worldwide, it proceeds in a variety of industries semiconductor, automotive, aircraft, chemicals, etc., leading companies are aggregated into a huge 2-3 companies in many areas.The global Megamaja era, we have to consider in the world rather than the domestic market “denominator”.

However in the case of Japanese companies, because the market size of the domestic large also, and able to eat somehow, even only in Japan for the time being, the case that you are Nounou in the country without that you sally forth into the world to take the plunge not a few.However, the profitability of these companies is very low.

Compared to other companies in the same industry of Europe and the United States in any industry, one of 1-5 minutes of the quarter, is about one-tenth in extreme cases profit margins.You are in a situation competition is fierce because many rival in the country, that there is no physical strength to go on overseas now become for the.

Field of heavy industry is also a giant rivals in the world already.For example, leading companies worldwide in the railway vehicle, not Bombardier of Canada, Alstom of France, only about Siemens of Germany.Kataya Japan is competing Hitachi, Tokyu Car manufacturing, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Japan vehicle production, and Kinki Sharyo Co., Ltd. in Japan only.So you try to order abroad, and are struggling without a price competitive even if there are technical capabilities.

In other words, as long as the domestic market is not growth, integration of large companies is vital in order to enhance the international competitiveness of Japanese heavy industry field now.Companies of heavy industry sector remains large and small, including many in Japan yet, but you should make the “All Japan Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.” together in one all those.

The railway vehicle manufacturer, not “Japan Railway Co. vehicle” and can only compete in overseas markets by advancing the integration.If you do not increase the profit rate by expanding the global market share by doing so, it’s impossible to argue with the giant companies in the world in the global market.Germany and France are moving to “one domestic-company system” a long time ago.

※ 16.23 day number in September 2011 Weekly Post