Prime Minister who were mass-produced in Japan after World War II

September 8, 2011, 楊文 Kai Hua-shaped paper, Chinese Shirube-ho (Yang U~enkai) editor-in-chief was posted on the blog site, Phoenix Expo Report of China an article entitled “Study on the Prime Minister of Japan after the war”.The following summary.

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Prime Minister, Naoto Kan, who was despised most post-war forced the resignation, Mr. Yoshihiko Noda was appointed as new prime minister.Japan achieved a new record of prime minister seven in ’10.It is the first time in the mass production of prime minister of 33 people at 66 years after the war.Average tenure is only two years.It would not be an situation that forever Noda, who became the 34 post-war public eye or with, this can also be optimistic.

Mr Kan has just stepped down from AzumaHisa 邇宮 Toshihiko King, who took office on August 17, 1945 until looked back bent 66 years after the war, interview with Iwami Takao political critic and Hando Kazutoshi Mr. writer magazine It was published in the “Shincho 45”.By analyzing in detail a special group called “prime minister of Japan”, cause that Japan has led to today has been shown.

30 people just to Mr. Taro Aso from AzumaHisa 邇宮 Toshihiko King.Can be divided into three groups by age and age.10 people in the first group until Mr. Eisaku Sato from AzumaHisa 邇宮 Toshihiko King.Has been involved in politics before the war, it is a man who has come a rocky road with country from wartime.Therefore, it is quite trained as a politician.

The second group of 10 people to Kiichi Miyazawa from Mr. Tanaka Mr..Before the war was not a politician, but I’ve been a social experience in the specialized field of each.It’s people who have been trained in the fierce power struggle inside the party.Because he walked with reconstruction of Japan after World War II, it was able to gain experience and special training as prime minister.

The third group of 10 people to Taro Aso from Hosokawa protect 熙氏.It is occupied by hereditary politicians nearly.They generation that do not know much of the course of post-war Japan hardship.Order starting from the ruins Japan, I should Seoe the times brilliant towards the era of prosperity, discipline is not enough.Therefore, I just run about in confusion even if it becomes a difficult situation.But there is an exception to Mr. Murayama Tomiichi of Socialist Party.

When separated by age was born, Meiji, to Mr. Miyazawa from AzumaHisa 邇宮 Toshihiko King Taisho.Kaifu Toshiki Mr. prime minister of the first-born of Showa.Born in prewar Showa, Shinzo Abe said first issue of post-war Showa born to Aso.Yukio Hatoyama, Kan, Noda is also a post-war Showa born.Since the generation of Kan is called “baby boomers”, they have put themselves in fierce competitive world, you do not believe in others.It is a generation that has lived in the view of life egocentric.

Listed the realization of “minimum unhappy society,” but, as a result of advanced at the discretion anything, to break the society, Mr Kan has exposed the emptiness constitution of citizen activists.After all, he has personally done is “unfortunate Prime Minister largest” post-war.And “decisiveness” qualities necessary to politician’s “imagination”.Is laudable, began to show more and more inertia the early days, 10 people since Mr. Tanaka has become to spend one’s time doing the internal power struggle and finally.It is a form of wearing a “conflict force” lose “imagination”.

But, still I think it was better than Kan.It Hatoyama, Kan Messrs. was not a vessel to be prime minister It was obvious.Prime Minister insulted with contempt of about Kan in particular would be unprecedented.Now that you have come to Kan, Prime Minister of the post-war population of Japan has become a desperate situation anymore.By Kan gave way, would be able prime minister his successor draw again Taikei hundred years of national?(Translation and editing / NN)

● 楊文 Kai (Yang U~enkai)
Japan flower-shaped paper, Chinese Shirube-ho Editor-in-Chief.Fudan University, graduated from the Department of Chinese Shanghai.It came to Japan in ’95.The Chinese Shirube-ho joined in ’98.To book column book “graduated in ’10”, editorial book “horizon contemporary opinion”, interview collection, such as “people standing journey Applications”.

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