Torres is “too slow middle of Chelsea” candid advice to the team

Fernando Torres of Spain FW representative that since he moved to Chelsea from Liverpool in January, does not leave the results with one goal still has complained “slow play” and to the middle of the team.UK paper “The Sun” is reported.

Play speed is very slow, “veteran player, Torres has a possession-oriented.Comments Club and “I’m trying to try to change it to welcome a new coach now.

And, as a key player to change the style of the team, cites the Spanish national FW Juan Mata Newest, the name of the FW Daniel Sturridge who returned to Chelsea this season.

That it has a contract with “Mata would be great.He is sure to become a very important player for the club.He will give you a different pace to the team.Team I was going to need players with experience won the world young like him ”

“Sturridge has not been able to participate in the game in the suspension, but it’s players incredible.I think it’s the players that I since I came here, was probably the most surprised ”

In the game of “next, I believe you would be able to show a game of a different pace, and midfield players also us to adapt to the pace.And if not, we will not function as a team ”

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