Light car of Toyota’s first seems Pyxis space.

the name of the light car Move Conte Toyota to sell by being supplied from Daihatsu, seems to have decided to Pyxis space.In addition, by the name of the store dealing with light car that Pyxis station, Pyxis is likely to be unified brand of light car of Toyota.The next year (Ys passenger cars, the Hijet in December?It is scheduled to be added to), but whether I will become a sedan and Pyxis Pyxis Cargo?
By the way, it is a Move Conte as a base, but released on September 5 new grade with memory and navigation back monitor, fog lamps and “G Navi”.I am working to enhance the lineup.
I do not know Pyxis space aim what differentiation and Move Conte, what grade or be set, but it is just focus on the light car of Toyota’s first.
By the way, it seems to be coined word that was based on the Pixie of English and Pyxis, but it is also a nickname of Stojkovic director of Nagoya Grampus of j league which accomplished league victory of the earnest wish last year Speaking of Pixie.In honor of his achievements surely? Une’s probably nothing to it.

Daihatsu Move Conte to become the base of Pyxis space.
Photo model price is 132.0 to 1,441,000 yen in the new grade G Navi.

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