It called anti-terrorism United Nations Secretary-General, to the whole world

The 10th to hit on the eve of the 10th anniversary of September 11 terrorist attacks, as well as the victims, Ban Ki-moon Secretary-General of the United Nations, called for anti-terrorism to people of the world.China Radio International has reported.

The Ban Ki-moon Secretary-General, Member States match for the first time in the UN General Assembly in “2006, anti-terrorism strategy of the joint has been decided.The United Nations is an alliance of different cultures, but strive to deepen trust and understanding each other, such as the extreme polarization of ideas and so as not to cause.At the same time, I said the United Nations conduct and preventive diplomacy and peace-keeping operations over a long period of time in the future, and “to help so that the country is facing a collapse not fall into confusion.

In addition, Ban Ki-moon Secretary-General, “terrorism has cast a dark shadow over the whole world.The United Nations mourn the victims of a decade ago.At the same time, and called the name of justice, all nations to participate in the maintenance of peace, bright, and “trying to build a secure future.(Editors: Kenji Murayama)