What series / of “Treasury control” problem??… The biggest challenge of (1) Hashimoto’s administrative reform

Noda Cabinet, is said to be “Treasury control regime”.I have pointed out so.So, that why, “Treasury control” or not go, the essential part is talked about less.

I’m proud of that fought head-the Ministry of Finance (formerly Ministry of Finance), it’s one of the few people.This is because, in the Hashimoto administration that I served it as a prime secretary, reorganization of government ministries and agencies = “Hashimoto administrative reform” becomes the biggest challenge, in the pillar of the most because he was “Ministry of Finance Reform”.

Symbolized by the “○ ○ shabu incident”, origin of this “administrative reform” was the Finance and financial entertainment scandal.”No administrative reform by Finance without reform” in the words of the media and public opinion at the time.”Separation of financial and fiscal” and is separate and independent financial administration from the Ministry of Finance was the focus.

Say simply because it is now, but in this issue, initially, Hashimoto was a retrospective.He himself is the Minister of Finance experience, it was the “parent Okura school”.Takeshita, former Prime Minister was said to “Don of Finance” is a real boss on the Hashimoto faction, its influence was also strong extremely.

However, as will be described later, if you have been being in the service of the Kasumigaseki to me, a different angle also, in the sense that the media and public opinion, it was strongly expressed his “no administrative reform Without Finance Reform”.

However, the walls of the “Finance Reform” was thicker and not extraordinary.Now, politicians are Shingin the “eradication of golden parachute” and “Civil Service Reform”, but is not a ratio that.This is because the latter, compared to a reform of ministries and agencies side-by-side, the former because of the reform was the one shot at the Ministry of “Ministry of Finance”.

It may seem surprising, but the creature Kasumigaseki, that public office is, I have used side-by-side, and, equality, if it is persuasion in theory, that it disadvantageous to themselves eventually also drink.Sato cabinet, such as “one ministry one station reduction” is it the case.On the other hand, if you think that is not a side-by-side, only themselves to be to pick off, thorough defense instinct to work.This point, also points out (many years reign as the “Don of Kasumigaseki” in the Ministry of Home Affairs Permanent Secretary from) Nobuo Ishihara, former Chief Cabinet Deputy Secretary.

In addition, this is the definitive reasons (which will be described in detail later), it is for the “Ministry of Finance”, very politicians bureaucrats of other ministries, but “Ashiwomuketenerarenai” of.So I will be “no such Messo also cut into the Ministry of Finance” and.

For some reason?As you might expect, the Ministry of Finance to the Ministry of Finance, there is a right of national inspection and assessment of the right budget.Politicians, both ruling and opposition parties, to the petition by lowering the head to the Ministry of Finance, “me a bridge” and “I made the road” in the local.That we’re taken care of day-to-day.In addition, “with a wound to the shin” people are often politicians.Money scandal’s a typical.In that sense, inspection rights of the tax has a Inzentaru influence.

Officials of other ministries, can not say no to the assessment authority to request the Office of budget.It would be the story of course.So, that politicians will tackle head on the biggest challenge of the Hashimoto administration, reorganization of government ministries and agencies, which is the pillar of the best in the “Finance Reform” is also bureaucracy and I had not.So, your humble servant, I, is was supposed to bear the brunt as prime aide.

As mentioned in addition, the “Ministry of Finance”, also name that was conducive to the elitism that erroneous, was changed to a flat name of “Ministry of Finance”.I like to say in detail later also particulars of this name change.

The “Treasury”, is poised for full recovery Become a Noda administration.And there is Fushi in order Kan previous government took the “politics of exclusion bureaucracy” too, rather, people are also good feeling this “walk with government bureaucracy”.Than the evils of bureaucracy, those who leave the national politicians of the Democratic Party has a large negative effect much,,,,,,.

But, of course, this, opinion leaders and business leaders, the media, or is tremendous how the power of super power authorities that dominate the Kago絡 executives of the ruling and opposition parties, even the Prime Minister at the time, the Japan of today.The thing is if you know the structure is now described in the “Treasury control”, and that not help to say so much sweet, that leisurely, will able you can see.

The country of Japan is ridiculed “bureaucratic state”, “bureaucracy cabinet system” and “bureaucracy”, etc., but (Continued on next week) there is “country of Treasury control” the fact.