I spread in “his reappointment”? Groove of Nine and Hara

Once again, pitching of Sawamura Takuichi (23) was not rewarded.It becomes “an eye for an eye *” of two armies scoreless 15th round of the China-Japan is (September 8), having missed the chance to win it might be more of the original giant.

After the game, the question of the press concentrated on “Sawamura”.On the content of “2 10 times the hits and no runs,” nodded “There was one that was very stable” is (53) Tatsunori Hara Director.It was answered “I did the best pitching,” “(it is not blessed with the assistance of the offense) poor” and (52) Kawaguchi pitcher Kazuhisa comprehensive coach take charge of the pitching staff.
Sawamura even if the pitching, not lead to win it would not be until the description.So far 6 wins and 11 losses, 2.32 ERA (league 7th).On this day, reach the “provision of 144 innings pitched this season” when finished throw three times.It is the first one among the 12 rookie teams.It will be out of a feeling of a “sorry” to the rookie to a good fight.Was even the gait of giant nine ….

Kawaguchi coach was talking must also be considered..”Where you are thinking for yourself (Sawamura is) is good” -.and reflect on that good pitching does not lead to a win, and that has continued to ingenuity.If Mire is said so, pitching tempo was faster than (September 2) last pitched.The Nari receive a throw-in from the catcher, to enter the exchange of the sign immediately.The rhythm can be easy to protect ally fielder by shortening the Reach of pitching.
The date this effort is rewarded will also not far.
One of the commentators of the net back that “It was attack of the giant 8 times table point of victory or defeat”.To refer to a scene of sacrifice bunt failure of Sawamura, had tilted his neck this.
When the batting order came around to Sawamura “8 inning, with steamed first base, I did should send a pinch hitter.Roughly, one called Kimero the sacrifice bunt to pitcher entering the game late is impossible.If not aware the person, force I do not fall on the wrist tired of pitching ”
12 inning extension, the last defense.I’m led to the new predicament closer Yuya Kubo (31) issues a runner in scoring position of second base.
Hara went to the mound, I told a few words to the infield team and Kubo.This season, to go to the mound and over one’s head to the pitching coach is often too Hara.According to the giant stakeholders, it would be “rather than going through someone has determined the person who told directly and travel” and, but, commentator critical there were many for Geki in this scene.Planting to the nines “pinch of stroke lose in a walk-off”, that commanders would go all the way to the mound is that it is rather the opposite effect.As for Kubo was established as a closer, fielder guarding wonder if is not trusted in the “director?And “It’s become so suspicious.

After the game, Hara welcomed Kubo us while smiling.It would mean it ‘! “Well done”, but giant Nine has pulled up and is showing a jaded look.(The 5th), to see “director does not change” and will no doubt Tsuneo Watanabe first president is to speak of the “no other” again.
Removed from the starting lineup mask Abe, this day “was only pinch-hit appearance.Affinity with the Sawamura also being questioned.But, the moment that Abe is out of the starting lineup, intense atmosphere unusual in giant Nine was drifting “(baseball related persons)
Possibility of behind victory is still left.Heck, I’m a what? This heavy air though not a losing game, flows through the giant bench (Sports writer sandwiched)

※ I did refer to the Kyodo News Service delivery article comments giant stakeholders Hara below.

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