Why China [BBS] Taiwanese ‘s use only Japanese products! ?

Consumer electronics products, “Taiwan’s product manufacturers Nippon everyone on the bulletin board of a large bulletin board site’s horizon District of China.I do not use the product manufacturers why China?Thread, known as “was erected.You often see Japanese products manufacturer in Taiwan, to be sure, but China manufacturers almost no.Various opinions have been issued on this matter.Will be introduced and translated into Japanese below.The rustic impressions by editing unit in ().


● main thread: manufacturer of aesthetic Midea gaosan2011 China, Haier, Changhong, Hisense, such as this summer’s low price with high quality any.But are using consumer electronics in Japan everyone Taiwanese.We’ve got to products in China from now on! Do not go to Taiwan travel and it will not work, and it does not import and the LCD! (It is only the manufacturers do not hear most in Japan, with the exception of Haier)


● appliances Kuchibashi炮郎 Japan is thought to number 1 from Taiwanese already.Manufacturer in Taiwan, and the second can not enter the market of Taiwan in addition.

● gaosan2011 Sanyo but it was acquired by Haier.

● Is not it if I use the ones Sohashi basis point Michiyu irregularities Favorite?

● ailei523 reason is simple.Chinese companies can not enter in Taiwan, and sell the actual after-sales service is difficult because even simple.Relationship of China and Taiwan because it is special, a lot of problems I unresolvable.But I’m Made in China by things in practice even if I say the Japanese consumer electronics.It is good if you take a look at the back of the consumer electronics If you do not believe.Many are no longer a thing of Japanese already. (I will have a lot things that are produced in China certainly)

● I there’s something appliances TMXKDLDW88 Taiwan original brand?

● modnmodn2011 Taiwan Vietnam, the Philippines same.Japan’s economy is a colonial everyone.Car of Taiwan ‘s because Japanese cars 90%.

● dominate the Chinese market in the 20th century, home of nobility NO1 Japan was replaced by the manufacturer after China.Taiwanese have been brainwashed badly.And he is convinced the quality of Made in China is inferior.They do not know that the manufacturer Haier of China, Galanz, such as Gree electricity is superior stand out in the industry. (Although just manufacturer of a name that does not ask too much)

● Hong Roshi-kun is wrong.Taiwan has come to buy the product of LG not only in Japan anymore.Korean consumer electronics was also to occupy 3-4% of the Japanese market! For now, the place would I Japanese cars 70%.It’s what the downturn already.

● Emei ascetic Taiwan’s lazy.Taiwanese do not know at all that there is in China’s consumer electronics manufacturers the world’s largest.

● The energy-saving durable thing for your tea garden Japan.Now that you recognize the Taiwanese of all that I know of, price is of course put this.

● appliances sbbsliang Japan is good indeed.I am a work of air conditioning relationship, but, in order to nearly twice aesthetic Midea air conditioning of Daikin, Daikin who sell well.

(Editors: Hatakeyama Sakae)