Spirit that is required to refrain from player [Terano Noriko Column] Zach Japan

I think not of the “all bad, but is not that it hurts to be me coming back soon.Well, but, we can not we not done now really it would be to concentrate on the game, and other players of that to be able to play much no place he comes back to reverse it, but I think ”

Makoto Hasebe’s answer was pale and people to a reporter’s question “news Honda players will not be enough for the three preliminary round was flowing but ……” that is, it’s practice after the September 5th Uzbekistan prewar Date.The term will be Hasebe own stand in the position of Keisuke Honda, it was unimaginable at this time.And, you do not know Hasebe itself also what had been approached the appointment already.He said after the game “only there was a story in a little after practice, it is not doing practice” and.

3 preliminary round World Cup Brazil Asian Games.Honda to leave the team at the same time as the start of training camp the first match North Korea before the war.Against Korea since May last year, we have been participating in a match most representative game.Play at the top under Zaccheroni appointed director and later, as one top in Japan Okada.Did miss only match against Saudi Arabia in Asian Cup.It is played from the start of the second half early in the match against Peru in June to be challenged in a 3-4-3 set up an off-starter.Man holding her objection to being an absolute ace of the Japanese national Honda’s should be less.

And, the size of the presence of He was impressed by the strong against Uzbekistan North Korea against September 2, followed by.

The reason for starting at the top under North Korea warfare, it was Yosuke Kashiwagi in the same match against Saudi Arabia.Adorned with a 5-0 victory in the match, but the group stage defeat is determined already, game similar to Saudi Arabia opponent of state decline of motivation is significant could not be.

Japan Agne attack against North Korea, which solidified the defensive.There was a scene that gives off a shot free several times Kashiwagi Among such.Above all flow of the game as well, I would have changed a lot also in a position of its own and Kashiwagi, the atmosphere of representative So if you are determining, but the goal is not determined.The substitute SeiTakehiro 嗣 second half on the way.Kagawa was standing on top to bottom.And, Hasebe stood in its place, turn did not come to traveling around in Kashiwagi against Uzbekistan.

Kashiwagi North Korea pre-war days, had been expected to concentrate starter has left comments such as the following:.

“It is thought that because I think if, if I come out, recently, that it is not out of the game the most, while leave the body to everyone, and try to do yourself”

However, “yourself” is Kashiwagi even if it is possible to play, it might not be in Zach Japan Honda specification, Kashiwagi “go with everyone” be. I was over in the position of “stand-in” even chance to play after a long time.And even its casting, did not leave the results.

Was recalled while watching such a Kashiwagi is, was that of Mitsuo Ogasawara and Shunsuke Nakamura.

There was a game Nakamura, of being appointed the Ogasawara instead of Hiden and Nakamura in Japan Zico instead of Hidetoshi Nakata in Japan Troussier.They pierce your own style, even while the trial and error of some, leaving the results.The Ogasawara and Nakamura, was confident in the carrier that has built.Heard Ogasawara is are you in the mouth “(to them) I do not lose” and many times, and I think Te Nakamura and I should have been the same.

Of course, the quality of the work is determined as the gear of the organization might be different in the then and now, but from the play you have pride, strong think you are going Mogitoro a chance has been transmitted.I remember also that the veteran and Fukunishi Takashi Hiroshi Nanami and supported the like that they.

It is the media, to the eye of “replacement for Honda” players to serve the position of top to bottom just just, it would be considered as “you were Honda” often.And throw away the presence of the Honda was too large, the feeling that enjoy different versions possibility that should spread by new players, of “Soccer in Japan”, it may be necessary for humans of the viewing side.I would have thought many times “if Shunsuke, it will do something” and “if Ogasawara, supposed to turn out this way,” and once.
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