To China from Taiwan, head hunting in human resources outflow = high wages lightning – Chinese media

September 12, 2011, according to the People’s Daily overseas edition, human resources outflow of science and technology related to China continues to worsen from Taiwan.What especially popular It’s technician LCD panel, LED (light emitting diode) Related.The reason high wages right out.Taiwan side’s desperate to hold back, but it seems to drop in the bucket for now.

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According to Taiwan media, at the time of head hunting, first Chinese companies to present the wages of 1.5 to 2 times times until it.It becomes 2000000-3000000 Taiwan dollar annual salary (about 5.22 to 7.83 million yen) If you Deputy General Manager class, from the 40’s 30’s are often age.If you get used to the elite engineers familiar with core technology, the annual salary of not less than 10 million Taiwan dollars (about 26.1 million yen).Serviced apartments and passenger cars are prepared further.

In addition, when middle management class want, the Chinese side to present the “Taiwan Dollar Chinese Yuan =” conditions.In other words, would be to pay in RMB face value without changing, wages had been paid in the Taiwan dollar to it.Salary to four times at a stretch when it is converted.It’s special treatment of literally.Sometimes executives of Taiwan companies operating in China, attract talent from China.If the work experience in China, it’s executive promotion immediately after returning to Taiwan.

The field of human resources outflow are wide-ranging financial, and educational.Taiwan side desperate to hold back, etc. displaying high wages.In some cases you want to return the difference in lifestyle and culture, but the brakes do not seem to depend on outflow for now.(Translation and editing / AA)

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