In Korea terrible imitation of Mao Asada showcase comedians Masutani blog “large fire”

Blog Masutani Keaton’s comedian, known for imitation of figure skating, Asada Mao (38) is a big fire.Showing off in the Korean TV show impersonation that Asada’s jumps to distort the face this time, you are buying the anger of the fan “Masutani shame! Japanese” or.

It was that, who appeared in “Comedy Japan-Korea war!” On a TV show in Korea blog of September 4, 2011 of Mr. Masutani.

LOL in Korea! Standing ovation! ! It does not mention that it was the imitation of Asada’s,

She used to be a practice by preparing a story that seems appealing in the “Korea.I was also appealing course.I was writing the “Is received very.The reason it was uke, Japanese programs are not boring feeling bland, but it’s because it seems that no It will not put it in such a thing in Korea.And he spelled it like to work in Korea and also in the appearance of the machine this time.At this point, it did not become a hot topic in several cases only some comments of encouragement.

However, how this program will be broadcast on September 12, 2011 in South Korea, the LOL is up and “YouTube” and “Nico Nico Douga”, in the comments section of the blog’s Masutani blame centralized.Was subjected to 13 to 14, complaint in excess of 8000 came was “large fire”.

Mr. Masutani, become one order pants and take off your clothes are made in the program.And I was wearing clothes similar to that Asada’s costume is wearing.The makeup further in situ, by bundling long hair, and entered a figure in the “acting”.

Climax is a good jump-triple axel of Asada’s.Were exposed to atmospheric bashing from fans in Japan, and expressed in slow motion, a change in the face while rotating the Example.Take the rotating platform, the squint is one th rotation, two-th rotation strip the white of the eye, three-th rotation was greatly distort the face in the direction of rotation.Venue LOL.Clapper a standing ovation came out to.

 This tricks the person who I thought should you have “sealed” in many cases it has been aired on September 23, 2010, this gay popular corner of “Minasan’nookagedeshita Tunnels” Fuji TV ” you are showing off even imitation Championship, “which is not transmitted it is too small.Also at this time, the fans angry face of Manet’s Asada is too severe too, criticism rush in the comments section of the blog Masutani’s, became a situation that blog to “burst into flames”.

Therefore, the person who I thought should you “seal” the gay Many seem surprised in the fact that his team was showing off on television in South Korea No way.Or “was laughed Mao”, it has become more than the last “large fire”.In the comments,

The dare to imitate Kim in the same “stage.Customers in Korea or what kind of reaction.You will only have been a fool, rather than not you were uke ”
It is written the contents such as “not in the way of comedy is that you diminish the athletes of their Madashimo If you diminish yourself”.

In addition, the original story of this mimicry is that it is pictures Sankei Shimbun was up to the net, bashing to Sankei Shimbun also is going to be such as “has posted intentionally terrible photograph”.

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