“Tense moment” Japanese photojournalist who rode the ship of Korea Ulleungdo Island?

Yamamoto AkiraKazuuji of news photographers boarded in South Korea in early August just after the three lawmakers of Japan visited the near Ulleungdo visit to Takeshima is “entry denied”, was dared Ulleungdo-Takeshima interviewed, Ulleung I look back on the situation of tension to enter the island.

Boku-koMinato Korean Tokai – without afford to look up the blue sky break into sunshine, I got Ulleungdo Ferry anchoring in “Ocean Flower No.”.It’s end of the line Once crafted in boarding check.Go on board a ship with bated breath.Go through the check safely.

It was Nadeoroshi the chest and also relieved mobile phone fleeting, just borrowed rang.You know this number, there are only marine police officer can see the passenger list.Questions flew in Japanese suddenly.

Nationality “Your?”

“This is …… Japanese”

To Ulleungdo to a “What?”

“I will go to a fishing”

In “Ulleungdo, Are you planning activities something political?”


Relationship between Japan and Korea has become a disturbing “Now.Because it is something very problem occurs, please be careful enough ”

If you turn off the phone, sweat has been spewing from the whole body.

※ 5 Oct. SAPIO2011 years