to a new risk reduction of construction quality that corruption brings = “rebar weight loss” is – British newspaper

September 13, 2011, British newspaper The Times took up the Chinese “rebar weight loss” problem.The 17th, was told Shinhana-mo.

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It stretched the rebar normal “weight loss rebar” is widely used in China.For example, if you stretch processing plant in the reinforcing bar 10 mm in diameter and 1620 meters per ton, and extends the length of 2000 meters per ton.Profit of 380 meters worth newly spawned that of about 1000 yuan (about 12,000 yen).

Strength of the “weight loss rebar” is greatly reduced as compared to the unprocessed Of course, it is intended to adversely affect the safety of housing.As a countermeasure to the housing prices, the Chinese government is promoting the construction of low-income housing, but the situation you are going give you profit by using the “weight loss rebar” is caught after another benefit is only small for suppliers be.

In recent years, collapse accident of roads and bridges is one after another in China, but was built relatively recently that corruption has become popular and many.In addition, it is possible that future “loss rebar” become the new risks.High-speed rail rear-end collisions is a symbol, but the expense of construction and corruption associated would be paid in life.(Translation and editing / KT)

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