Net line speed, South Korea = China “1 … 10 minutes of our country,” the world’s fastest

results of the investigation of the average connection speed of internet access by U.S. Pando Networks Inc. have done recently, the line speed of the Internet in China, was found to be slow one of about 10 minutes at the moment than the speed of Korea.Such as the Chinese economy network reported.

In the study, the target PC about 224 countries, of about 20 million units, January to June 2011, the company aggregates the results of performing about 27 million times the download of the PC.As a result, I found that in Korea, first place was it possible to download per second 2202KB.

# 2 below are as follows.In the most unexpected places, among the developed countries of Europe, miss rank in both the United States 616KBp / s, the United Kingdom 599KB / s, France 604KB / s, Canada 579KB / s, Germany 647KBp / s, and Australia 348KBp / s roast.

1. Korea 2202KB / s

2. Romania 1909KB / s

3. Bulgaria 1611KB / s

4. Lithuania 1462KB / s

5. Latvia 1377KB / s

6. Japan 1364KB / s

7. Sweden 1234KB / s

8. Ukraine 1190KB / s

9. Denmark 1020KB / s

10. Hong Kong 992KB / s

On the other hand, at 245KB / s, China fell short to 580KB / s of the world average.In China and other economic web, it was reported, “compared the Internet line speed of the world, China is one tenth of South Korea” or.(Editors: Qingtian Road)